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Jun 23, 2020
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Note 10+, Bolt case and up to 1tb expandable with 12gb of ram is still my phone of choice.
For photography it has a better color rendering index than most (all?) the new flagship phones including Apple's.
This spen's bt remote shutter release is very useful.
New ones ($790) can still be bought and used ones at a reduced price. I would recommend going no higher than Android 10 on it at this time. I bought my second new one 4 months ago, a backup. No regrets... yet🤣

It has no variable refresh rate display but a better color rendering index and white point than the variable rate displays. Slower cpu and ram but with 12gb of ram still quit snappy. There are newer cams but the 10+ grabs good images.

There's a productive limit to cam sensor pixel density per square inch. Not so sure those higher density pixels are that much of an improvement on the newest cams or more of a number hype game. The individual pixel len size are governed by light gathering capacity vs noise floor. Less light, lower signal. Unlike Canon, Samsung doesn't white paper their cams, not good.

5G would be another sticking point if you want it. 5G isn't mature on the N10+ so I blew it off for better battery life. Only get the Snapdragon variant of this phone because all have better chipsets and all have the phase vapor heatsinks.
The 10+ is extremely long lived in a good case, build quality is excellent. Relatively light and very thin. In almost 2.5 years this heavily used 10+ only repair was a battery replacement. It looks and runs like new with zero display degradation.
There been reliability issues with most of the variable rate displays as well as low light viewing/color calibration issues. The N10+ has none of those.

There's also the Note 20U, better cam AF, faster spen, expandable storage and 5G. I rejected it because of the display color rendering was inferior to the 10+ and the price point was still high. Finding a reliable vendor for both the N10+ and the N20U can be difficult, but the former was even harder. A lot of scamming going on including not listing the correct specs. A new N20U will come loaded with Android 11, not acceptable for me.

It's a tough call but Samsung and Google Android have both been dropping the ball since the N10+ release and Android 10 OS respectively. The scoped storage and force encryption of Android 11 and up eats cpu cycles and battery needlessly. Valuable legacy apps will not run on it and it impairs the functionality of many trusted apps.
As of today it's still slim pickens and in some ways a step backward not forward.
Apple? No expandable memory and overpriced, no go.
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Apr 3, 2020
I recently purchased a phone that seems to be unrootable. And I'm angry as hell. I'm about ready to cut my losses, because if I don't, I will get an aneurism and die. So now I need advice.

I want a phone that:
  • was ideally made in the last two years or so
  • runs the latest version of Android quickly and efficiently, unlike the old tablet I want to replace
  • is sized somewhere in the neighborhood of 6" by 3"
  • costs less than $100 on eBay, or even less than $50 if possible
  • accepts microSD cards
  • is very, very easy to root, unlock, hack, do whatever the hell I want with.
Also, I don't want some special case that won't run my Magisk modules because it's temperamental. I want a phone that understands that I am the boss.

So, what would you guys recommend I get?


Jan 11, 2014

Looking for replacement of my Huawei P30 Pro​

I have this great phone, Huawei P30 Pro, and I really love it, it's works well,
But I want to be renewed a little bit, and looking for good replacement.

Phones that I put my eyes on:
- Samsung S20 Ultra
- Google Pixel 6

Please, I want to hear your opinions.

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Mar 14, 2022
I've been using my Samsung J7 Perx (rooted) for years now, I like this phone, the battery last forever but apparently Sprints LTE network is not compatible with the standard LTE network and i'll lose service in a couple weeks. So I'm on a hunt for a new phone. I would like to find a carrier unlocked phone with a removable battery and has an unlocked bootloader or is easy to root. One thing I've learned about this phone is being able to stop it from updated and disabling programs from running in the background makes a big difference on battery life.


Mar 13, 2022
My two cents would be for you to focus on repairability instead:

Learn to open a phone that uses adhesive..

From my personal experience:
Get a heat gun or a heat bottle/package, buy B-7000, a suction cup and those old school single shaving razor blades.
Additionally some phone screen fixing clamps to not damage your screen as you press the back or front plate to leave the adhesive to set, are a great purchase as well.

And for safety buy a secondary battery for your phone.. as some manufactures put adhesive on the battery making almost impossible to take it away without compromising the glued battery.
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Mar 14, 2022
I'm not stuck on the removable battery part, though I do like the option to remove it if I want the phone off and not fake off.


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Mar 11, 2017
So simply and basically, I am looking to buy one of the latest android samsung / google phones.

Please help me out guys as I want to install magisk / root the phone and to make sure the phone has unlocked bootloader.


Feb 3, 2016
Hello guys.

I can't decide what to get the s22 ultra or save some money and get the note 20 ultra

I can afford both, but i can't decide

I use phone for : videos, social media, take a picture "10 pictures max in the week". Phone calls. Thats it


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Dec 23, 2016
Hello there,

I'm looking for a tablet to use gps services on my car, but also fast enough to do not annoy me switching apps for example, do you have any suggestion of tablet to check? I saw the Samsung A7 Lite but it's only 32GB its too little i'm wondering if there's some alternative Chinese tablet that is better and trustable?

I have been seeing ALLDOCUBE iPlay20 Pro, Teclast p20hd 10.1 and Bmax maxpad i10, but i dont know how trustable or durable these devices are, anyone that have any of these chinese tablets know if they are worth it?

Any good alternative suggested? Like any other brand or model from aliexpress or not that i could check out?

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 10, 2007
Xiaomi mi 11 pro vs ultra vs Oneplus 9 pro? vs?


I'm in the market for a new phone as a successor for my s9+.

And I need your experience/opinion! (thanks in advance).

Important for me:

Good big screen Good camera (for photos of child growing up) Power, heavy multitasking User Longevity, regarding updates and custom ROMs after
No Exynos (I live in Germany) Waterproof Longevity, regarding updates and custom ROMs after manufacturer updates end

What got my eye Xiaomi mi 11 pro ~ 600€ Xiaomi mi 11 ultra ~800€ OnePlus 9 pro ~ 880€ OnePlus 10 pro ~ 1000€ Xiaomi mi 12 pro ~1150€ way too expensive :)

Did I oversee a phone? Which would you choose?

Thanks a lot for your help!
Just got a Samsung M32 so not thinking about a replacement immediately. Basically, the replacement part for me depends on what I want from my Smartphone. Over the years, have noted that phones do not last more than 1-2 years. With newer models coming in almost daily, think I will next go for a Samsung model, which is water-resistant and able to handle some damage due to rough use. Getting on in years and not as alert as I used to be.


May 31, 2010
Hi All ,
I'm looking for Tablet , nothing fancy since my price range is around 250Euro/300Dolars
From what I can see all China tablets with T618 are quiet good
Also Samsung TAB A8 2022(also T618) and S6 lite are good options and these ones have Widevine L1
Xiaoxin Pad 11 looks also nice but this is one would be china version with snap 662 and Rom options seems to be limited
XIaoxin Pad Pro 11,5 cost a little more than I would like to spend but if it worth I would go for it , also chines version with snap 730 and Roms options are limited
Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 is pricy but seems to be best option for the money
My question really is :
Is is worth to spend 2x for Xiaomi/Xiaoxin/Lenovo P11 than on T619 tablet
My use case is : youtube , hearthstone from time to time and books , netflix once a blue moon
Thank you for every input :)
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Jan 27, 2012
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2
Wife and I desperately need a new phones (s9+ with dying Battery), we waited for the 22 ultra to be the new one.

.. But 1500€ for a, in my opinion ugly and overpriced phone can't be the right thing for us.

Second, unfortunately we live in Exynos Region, (Germany), this was never as good as the Snapdragon soc (except bootloader)

After 12 years of Android, I never thought I would even think about, I consider buying an iPhone.

Any suggestions what to buy?
If you want to stick with samsung but don't want exynos go Fold 3. They were only snapdragon. I have had one since launch and absolutely love it.
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    Hi guys
    My Xiaomi Redmi Note 7's battery is dying and there's no trustable place here to go for replacement. All spare batteries are not original spare parts and repair shop doesn't offer any kind of guarantees. So I'll sell this device as it is

    So, I'm looking for a replacement phone, if possible Xiaomi, with at least 6gb ram, 256gb storage, NFC, 4500mha battery, etc.
    I didn't have a phone so stable/durable like Redmi Note 7 and looking for replacement to be similar

    Any suggestions? Thanks
    Hi guys
    My Xiaomi Redmi Note 7's battery is dying and there's no trustable place here to go for replacement. All spare batteries are not original spare parts and repair shop doesn't offer any kind of guarantees. So I'll sell this device as it is

    So, I'm looking for a replacement phone, if possible Xiaomi, with at least 6gb ram, 256gb storage, NFC, 4500mha battery, etc.
    I didn't have a phone so stable/durable like Redmi Note 7 and looking for replacement to be similar

    Any suggestions? Thanks
    You can get a Nokia, which has excellent software support and pure Android. You can also go for Google Pixel phones, which are excellent devices and have the best features, as well as more custom ROM support. Xiaomi for now has bad software, which is basically full OF BUGS.
    Anyway know a new good android phone to root? That works great with Verizon carrier?
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    mines is either galaxy s3 or galaxy note for t-mobile

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    For sure Samsung Galaxy S3

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    Asus Padfone for me!
    Not sure yet, but seeing as my HTC has had its life dramatically extended by HTC unlocking bootloader for thier devices and so making it much easier to root and mod I am finding it difficult to find a complelling reason to move from HTC
    Probably the Galaxy S3. Hopefully we'll see an updated Note later in the year.