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Jul 26, 2006
If you wanna buy Nubia Z50 i have one to sell 😄 it is awesome phone, unfortunately i cannot use it as daily phone since i have some apps for work, which i do not want to delete if a global rom comes out. Otherwise, it is a great phone for money, great camera, very fast, beautiful screen, battery is awesome, sits nicely in the hand. With leather back you dont even need a case, only camera protection.
PM me with the price. Let me know the ram and memory of the phone as well.
Best low budget smartphone for installing custom roms

at the moment I'm using OnePlus 6T with A13 Pixel Experience Plus, I'm very satisfied but the smartphone is very old and camera is not so good...

I would like to buy a new smartphone but my budget is very low and my doubts are:
- it worths to change smartphone with a low budget for example Poco X5 (is about 250€... max price I can pay now)? cameras are better in a smartphone like this compared with the OP6T?
- what is the "best" smartphone to buy if I want to install PE on it?


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Dec 15, 2010
Which android phone is best for custom roms without voiding the warranty?

I’m interested in buying an android phone which has great support for custom roms.

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Jun 3, 2022
If Budget is not a constraint, I would whole-heartedly suggest getting any latest Pixel device. I'm a user of Pixel 7 Pro and I'm really happy with the phone. Looking to get my hands on the Pixel 8 as soon as it releases!


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Sep 8, 2010
Hello. Any thoughts of PinePhone Pro? It's a very important achievement for me if I can buy one, in terms of privacy and protection of our data if we can install an operating system that only function is not collecting data!
I searched the forum if they had any representation here and apparently they haven't!


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May 11, 2023
A question to UK folks.
I'm considering getting either Vivo x90 pro plus or Oppo find x6 pro (I'm yet to decide which).
Anyways, neither of these supports band 32 on 4g, and my current Huawei p30 pro does (I'm with Three atm and it does use band 32).

The big question is - how important that particular band is? I'd expect it may be dependant on where you are, and if that's the case - where can I check which bands are covered in my area?

Maybe there is someone who lives in Hampshire and may shed some light on using any of the two in the UK, perhaps?


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Nov 18, 2022
Hello. I would like to know if a 2/64 GB E13 version provides satisfying and smooth experience (don't mind little, rare lags) for web browsing, watching YouTube, playing the most popular 3D games such as call of duty, PUBG, Mobile Legends, Evil Lands, brawl stars etc,The phone is cheap and specs are good for its price except for 2 GB of RAM which is the bare minimum nowadays but the phone runs Android GO for that purpose. I found out, there is a way to create a swap file (additional slower RAM) with the "swap - no root" app, im not sure if it's even needed,essential or helpful to use with the phone as I don't have experience with this model. Some other smartphone models for the same or lower price have 4 GB of RAM but they either have 32 GB internal storage which is way too low to install games or they have worse CPUs in comparison to Unisoc T606. What are your thoughts on this phone? Is it worth buying if you are not a demanding user for the purposes I posted in this post?
Jun 3, 2018
Advice on buying Used or Pre-Owned Phones? (Specifically Sony 1 & 5 IV)

Basically what the title says, really decided to dig deep and do full complete research into buying a new phone for myself. Problem is I'm very aware of how there are such things like incompatible models between countries and overall just how Ebay is in general. I do know how to use the marketplace, I grew up using it, but regardless you gotta be wary of codition quality, value, and again the specific model.

I'm just not completely sure if I'm doing all the necessary checks to make sure I get a good working phone in my country (USA)
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Sep 25, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S5
For starters it should not have any carrier lock.

Frequency, these 3 should give you a good start to see if a phone works at your desired place(s):

From personal experience: Try to avoid offers with single or too few pictures, you want to see all 6 sides in good quality, with screen on and off. Little dents are not a deal breaker as long as the seller mentions them. Avoid phones with defects (don't fall for "a smart person can repair that easily"). Take your time, it's not a race, wait for a good phone, for a good deal.

One problem with most phones nowadays is the battery - most people are too darn stupid to give that info (Youtube-hours, PCMark Battery Test or USB-Meter). Most items I got were 85-90%.

PS: Used phones tend to be used aka old. Manufacturer always dump their older models and support thereof to make more cash with newer ones. Hence it would be clever to check first if you could get other ROMs like LOS
Avoid rare devices (they turn unsupported quickly)
Check for common problems, eg in XDA

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    mines is either galaxy s3 or galaxy note for t-mobile

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    For sure Samsung Galaxy S3

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    Asus Padfone for me!
    Not sure yet, but seeing as my HTC has had its life dramatically extended by HTC unlocking bootloader for thier devices and so making it much easier to root and mod I am finding it difficult to find a complelling reason to move from HTC
    Probably the Galaxy S3. Hopefully we'll see an updated Note later in the year.