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[discussion] Which Oreo ROM are you running and why

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    I'm actually running on NOS
    I'm back from cypheros test build because it's have too much bugs 5.1
    Omni doesn't have new brightness slider and color manager and screen recorder so I'm not going to flash it rn (I'm also feel bloated by many useless apps like matlog music app and other omni apps)
    i tried aex, slimm, candy, pixel experience, cosmicos, los 15.1, aicp but they have too much bugs for me (many of them not have system ui crash or system)
    oxygen os as 8.0 is too slow for me i can't even fast type with any kernel on xda for oos (also battery life is bad)
    I'm staying with Omni/NOS until AOSPA or cypheros gets stable enough to use it for daily driver.
    for people who are asking for DU:

    DU builds: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dirty-unicorns/files/oneplus3/

    I got that from YouTube review video and it's saying not official !
    yes, same here . seems to be a firmware issue . 3t works , 3 doesn't .
    patients i guess .
    DU Dev has reuploaded the build working for op3
    How did you find it? This was my favourite on Nougat. Did you test it?
    I was searching for DU Oreo builds to try it out and by luck I found it in the description of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVFrUZ9-Krs (Indian review so I didn't watch it.)
    I am using Omni 8.1 (Build 20171231), no problem, stable enough for daily use. Flashed it with unofficial gapps nano and openbeta29 modem+ firmware package.

    Clean flash is recommended, I tried dirty flash from Omni 7 Build 20171129(around this time) and found there were so many weird bugs that shouldn't be there from the first place.

    At first, the most difficult thing is to find the unofficial nano gapps for Oreo 8.1 that also must be compatible with Omni 8.1.

    Then, there are some applications (on my case, drastic and Firefox) reported some libraries can't be found. "Detected problem with app native libraries ...". It is still running normally though. Firefox crashed sometimes when being used heavily (browsing and switching between windows, maybe just Firefox thing).

    PicoTTS kept crashing no matter what I did, so I used Google TTS instead and then remove PicoTTS from TWRP File Manager.

    While it feels smoother in Oreo (Omni 8), combining Omni 8.1 with AKT profile (Project Zhana's) did help me to squeeze longer battery life. Omni 8 seemed like it doesn't have init.d support so I just run the profile script manually every boot. (Might be applicable via Tasker? I dunno)

    Google camera HDR+ port is running normally and I can use potrait mode (motion photo is disabled as I don't use Google photos, I didn't see any difference between motion photos and normal photos). Back HDR+ is working while front HDR+ and also front potrait mode are broken.

    Also, on Omni 8, the customizations are quite limited compared to Omni 7. I am still okay with it though.

    Other than that, everything is quite similar.