Display of text has banding?

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Feb 24, 2010
Has anyone ever noticed that when holding the screen in portrait mode, while viewing small black letters on a full white background, there is some gray banding behind the text? This is not the case when I make a screenshot with shootMe, and view it on my pc.

I will upload a file as soon as I can, to show what I mean. I don't know yet if this is a hw or sw error. I am using cyanogenmod btw. Do not know whether or not it occurs on the stock ROM.

See hurricane-disco.nl/text.jpg for an image that does not show correctly.
See hurricane-disco.nl/textphoto.jpg for a photo of the actual image on my N1. Depending on the rest of the screen, there is more or less 'noise' in a row of pixels. When I turn the phone 90 degrees, I don't have this issue, but might come up with an image which does have the problem and will post it here then.
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