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Aug 16, 2022
Hi everyone 👋

Been owning a ROG Phone 5s for about 2 months now and although I've been handling it like a raw egg I'm now in need of a screen replacement.

The question I have is the following:

Since the display for the regular ROG Phone 5 is identical in terms of specifications and dimensions to the 5s, would it be possible to just use that to repair my device? I've already tried contacting Asus directly about this issue but they've got a stick up their rear about it, calling it a company secret.
"Why do you even want to use the screen from the 5?" you may ask. Simple: Availability and price are much better.

Below I've attached some images that were available online, showing what the inside of the respective model looks like. Aside from the cooling solution they look virtually identical to me.

Thanks in advance for every bit of advice (and sorry if this question has already been answered in another thread)! :)


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Apr 29, 2016
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They should be 100% identical. Not sure if there is any difference between the frames - To be safe, I would get the display only without frame and install it on your original frame. And look on Aliexpress for best prices.