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Dissapointed in Sony camera, what should I switch to?

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Jul 7, 2007
Hi, not sure if its the right place to ask, but why not :)
I have bought my Z3C back in February, new, from the shop. I upgraded from Sony Acro S.
The only reason I did that is that lens cover got all smudged and scratched, so photo were blurry.
I got z3 compact, I did, and still think it very nice phone. Battery life is amazing, I love the size of it. But same as with Acro S, lens cover is once again getting weird smudges.
If there is any light source, pictures are bad, and I do need camera to take normal pictures. And I did read the thread about it, and that I can try toothpaste etc, but I wont do this I might take it back to the shop and they will replace the back cover, but will help for another few months? And I did have camera lens protector (that is made for LG phones) but it doesn't help with picture quality.
So my question is - with what would you replace it? I love the size of the phone and it has to tolerate humidity, rain, some water. Is there anything that could compare to z3c in these regards and have a decent lens protection? Samsung S5? S6 active is not to my liking (too rugged :) )
How about Z5C does it have the same same problem?
Sorry for long post and thank you very much for the advice.


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Aug 16, 2010
Coating wears off too easily yes. Z5c? ;)
There arent many phones with the specs you're looking for. I fear they all start with a z.


Jul 7, 2007
Coating wears off too easily yes. Z5c? ;)
There arent many phones with the specs you're looking for. I fear they all start with a z.
I thought so :/ I am afraid that if I will get Z5C it will be same story like the last two Sony's I had.
This is sad. Will get them to change the back cover and then I suppose I will have to do like I did with this z3c. Buy a screen protector, place it on the back of the phone, and peal it every time I am taking a picture and look stupid while doing so.


Jul 7, 2007
I did use Nillkin glass protector, it did shatter (started at the corner) but it was good.
But thats not the problem, lens is already bad. Protector wont help now. And its not the scratches, lens is not scratched, it looks like it from humidity or something, that weird stuff its between the plastic and coating :)
So I am not sure it will protect it. Like I said I had a lens protector, it did not help, it helped in a way that lens is not scratched, but its unusable anyway.
I cant be bothered taking my phone for repairs ever few months, that takes 2 weeks to do and its a huge inconvenience. So my plan is to fix this. And sell it, buy a new that doesnt have bad coating, lens protection.
The question is what? S5? Wait for someone to confirm that Z5C has proper protection on lens?


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Aug 29, 2010
Houston, TX
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I don't know what your old lens protector was made of, but once you get your scratches fixed or replaced, just use the clear film back protector from xtremeguardz. It covers the lens and wont shatter. Plus, with the discount codes they often run, it costs next to nothing, so buy 3 and replace when they inevitably peel or turn yellowish.

I've been using mine for months and it hasn't affected picture quality one bit.

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    have had mine since last year's release. with a thin case, the lens has been protected. why not use one?
    Niilkin tempered glass comes with a lens and back protector too... Why don't u check it out

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