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Jan 21, 2014
Just order from his site directly (tpu-cases.com)
I live in The Netherlands and I have ordered several cases already, and ALWAYS there within 7 days :)
Okay, thanks a lot! :)

Edit: as it turns out, they don't ship to Germany. The site won't let me through to payment, as "they currently do not ship to this location"
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I'd like to buy this case but unfortunately they don't deliver to Romania. Does anybody can sell me a used one?


Oct 28, 2015
I like the case but it is very smooth and it fells sometime almost out of my hands. Is a dbrand skin the best solution?


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Dec 25, 2015
Hey everyone.

I was just wondering if any of you have the Teal Blue Diztronic case for the Oneplus One.

I'm thinking about buying one, but i'd like to see some 'real life' pictures of it, since sometimes the colors on the screen don't match the actual color.

Thank you!


Jan 7, 2011
Great case. I have the original one show in the first post, but recently got the "ultra" version with the added material on the corners. Fitment is still perfect, but just has a little more protection for the phone.

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    Thanks for posting this! It is possible to subscribe to updates on the product page via the link the above poster mentioned. There is a green check mark on the right side of the page that says "Notifications".

    ETA is the week of July 28th. I would estimate the 22nd would be the very earliest we could potentially have it ready, and the 31st the absolute latest. 3 colors to start with: matte black, matte red, matte dark blue. Two changes on this model compared to previous Diz releases: We changed the logo placement so it now says "diztronic" on the side of the case, and the top lip is now matte instead of gloss.

    As always, thanks to all the XDA members for your support over the years. We appreciate it!

    Here is an XDA exclusive sneak peak of our upcoming Diztronic Full Matte TPU Case for OnePlus One







    Just a quick update. I was given an invite today by a fellow XDA member, so we will have a real device to test our cases on prior to release. Well, assuming OnePlus doesn't take weeks to ship it to me. Our OnePlus One case is done, we are making them already. To those wondering how we can make a case when we don't have the phone, we use a CAD image of the device. This is how we typically do it, so I don't anticipate us having any issues with it. But it's always nice to have a real device to test the final product to check to make sure the buttons are easy to press and everything fits as it should.

    I think we could start shipping to customers as soon as Friday the 25th and certainly before the end of the month assuming everything works as we expect it to. I'm going to hold off on taking pre-orders though. Don't worry, we made enough of them that there won't be any issues getting one once they are ready. We won't use an invite system like OnePlus, haha.

    I took these outside in hopes the color would be more accurate. Indoor lighting can make a case look a completely different color sometimes. I think they are very true to the render. The blue is probably my favorite, it's a nice deep royal blue. The case fits very well and the buttons work a lot better then the Cruzerlite case, which was the only other OnePlus One case I've used.

    The only negative thing I could say about the case is the rear noise cancellation mic hole, you might have to play with it a bit to get it centered. It's not dead center, but it's no where near covering it up either. The noise cancellation mic holes are really difficult to get perfect on a flexible case. Other than that, the injection molding mark: you can see it clearly in the picture above on the red case (to the left of the speaker hole). If you've ordered one of our Nexus 5 cases in the past 3 months or so, or any of our S5 and LG G3 Cases, you probably received a case that had a similar mark on the bottom. This is where the plastic gets injected into the mold, afterwords a small mark is left. We used to put it on the bottom or top corner of our cases, or sometimes along the edge of the microUSB hole in an attempt to hide it. The factory recently figured out a new technique to make it a small dot on the bottom of the case instead of the larger and longer mark we had before. It looks a lot better than the old mark on the corner of the case did, but I know no one wants a mark on their case no matter how it looks. I'd love to put it on the inside of the case, but I'm told that isn't an option.





    Oh, and yes, the OnePlus USB cable does fit.
    Just real quick, wanted to let everyone know the OnePlus One cases arrived to our office this morning and we have been shipping orders all day long. All orders that were supposed to ship tomorrow actually shipped today! :good:

    I'll post some pictures soon as I know some of you have been asking for that. Also to people in countries we don't ship to, our One Plus One and Galaxy S5 Wireless Charging Cover Compatible cases are going to be sold on Amazon.co.uk directly by Amazon, and they will ship anywhere in the world. I expect them to show up in the search results in about 72 hours. They won't be in stock right away, but you will be able to place an order. They won't bill you until it actually ships.

    Back to work for a bit...
    Due to many requests from XDA members, I'm pleased to announce we are making our Ultra TPU Case for the OnePlus One!

    OnePlus One Ultra TPU:

    Full Matte Black
    Full Matte Charcoal Gray
    Full Matte Red

    1.9mm thick, reinforced corners, single piece of full matte TPU. For comparison sake, our regular TPU case for OnePlus One is 1.4mm thick. Due to the increased thickness of the Ultra, it will fit the phone A LOT tighter on the sides (and everywhere else). It also offers significantly increased protection than our non-Ultra TPU cases do.

    ETA: Nov 18th, 2014.

    We are only going to take pre-orders for 1000 black, 800 red, and 800 gray. After that, the product will show on the website as sold out until we actually have inventory in stock. We are a small company, I'm afraid if I just take an indefinite amount of pre-orders we may not be able to meet the advertised date. For most models, pre-ordering cases from Diztronic is not necessary, as we rarely have problems keeping them in stock. The OnePlus One however is the exception to the rule, as this model has done extremely well for us. It remains to be seen if our Ultra case will do as well, I can only hope that it does!

    We've made this style case for the LG G3, and Galaxy S5. There are drop tests on youtube for both of those models I believe, if anyone wants to check it out.