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Do not want to turn in note 7 for security issues/ how to destroy note 7

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Senior Member
May 22, 2010
On previous notes there was an option to encrypt but on the 7 only the SD card can be encrypted - which stops it being used in other devices.

Any idea? Does the note 7 automatically encrypt data during initial start up?

Since the S7, and any new marshmallow phone the device is already encrypted, no option to turn it off. Note 5 came with lollipop then upgraded to marshmallow that'd why there's a toggle for it


Senior Member
Jan 2, 2014
As samzebian said, phone comes fully encrypted, to recover erased data from encrypted device would be very difficult, if at all possible.

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    Seems to me all you need to do is.....plug it in. The problem should take care of itself.
    short of removing the memory chips you have no way to destroy the data without spending a long time writing and deleting the entire memory until the data from the fingerprints and etcetera are buried that deep they are near impossible to recover.

    but if you are scared of your fingerprints getting out you better not touch the box, anything inside the box and find a way totally remove every last fingerprint from the phone. also better not touch the doors to open them or use the pen to sign anything or throw out a can/bottle after having a drink.

    funny when people complain about stuff like fingerprints when they leave them all over the world every time they leave the house, the thing you just have to realise is your not that important people care.
    Take off the tinfoil hat.

    You are not special.

    Factory reset and move on with your day....
    Just give it to Clinton, she will handle it.