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May 5, 2010
I have an AT&T Nexus one that is rather flawless, except the bottom part of the screen seems to only work one out of 20 tries. It took me 20 swipes just to unlock the phone. Sometimes it takes more.


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Sep 25, 2008
Venice Italy
i9001 hardbrick

hi to all i have flash a wrong partition and my sgs+ is dead, no on, no recovery, no download mode, nothing. i have buy usb jit but i don't have download mode. i remove battery plug usb jit and put battery but nothing only black screen. there is possibility for my sgs+ whitout assistance??? thanks for reply


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Jul 14, 2012
Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4g

Hey , i was wondering if anyone could provide me help or give me an explanation why my Samsung galaxy exhibit 4g only boots up to samsung logo? i tried recovering it to factory setting via recovery mode but i cant get there it just flashes back and forth. then i tried odin and no luck, lastly i try this and no luck . :( does anybody have any ideas? thanks for your time and cooperations. keep up the good work :)


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Dec 9, 2010
Samsung Captivate (AT&T)

I have a broken captivate, fell 5 floors down. Then I opened it apart to see that the screen was smashed in bits. So unscrewed everything, ripped out the screen apart from some sticky goo parts. Then realized that a mechanical engineer could not explore it further :) I will be more than happy to send the device to anyone if needed for further research.


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Mar 15, 2011
you guys still receiving phones? got a bricked i9000, no download mode (not even with jig) no boot no nada :D


Jun 3, 2012
I have an Galaxy SII GT-I9100 Europe (from Spain) with water damage. I can donate the main board (have volume flex broken) due the LCD still working. If want the main board let me know.


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Jun 10, 2011
Adam You are the man i was wondering if the project was stil alive i wanna help my fellow collegues in development im not a super advanced Person but i was wondering if there was any potential to help SAVE att skyrocket i727 i have 2 working devices and 2 bricked device we can use for testing and i can even send you one of each if you wouldnt mind helping Thanks adam for all you do


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Apr 7, 2013
I will indulge you with the Indulge

if you are still doing you project, with the broken phones and such i have a hard hard harder than hard never been abused other than intensively flashing it to its dark state. I have all that i read and viewed of the hows and whats to do to fix it! But im am at an like my self i will donate it to discovery so that it will not have gone into dark rebellion for nothing.


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Sep 29, 2012

Is it possible to use this to fix the Nexus 7 from a hard brick state?

Doesn't it come down to somehow accessing the nand flash and at least getting a good bootloader.img back onboard?



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Feb 18, 2011
Miami, Fl̨̞̲̟̦̀̈̃͛҃҅͟orida

Is it possible to use this to fix the Nexus 7 from a hard brick state?

Doesn't it come down to somehow accessing the nand flash and at least getting a good bootloader.img back onboard?


I don't know of anyone who software bricked their Nexus. I don't know if we have the NVidia SBK required to communicate with the N7.

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    We now have the ability to make all devices with Hummingbird processors into "Super-Dev Phones". I just need a single dead board from each model to locate the proper modification. It can be water-damaged, broken, busted, cracked, smacked, set on fire, chewed on by your dog, dropped, thrown against a wall, or otherwise inoperable. I need a mainboard from each device to make this work.

    If you wish to donate a dead device, post here, send a PM, or email me at my username

    We can bring this modification to every device with the same processor, we just need to perform analysis before you can set up your device for bootloader development, or resurrect them from a hard-bricked state with nothing but software after a slight hardware mod.

    We need to locate the xOM5 pin on following devices before they can be modified into UnBrickable Super-Development devices:
    SGH-i896 Samsung Captivate UnBrickable thanks: bulletproof
    SGH-i897 Samsung Captivate UnBrickable thanks: bulletproof
    GT-i9000 Samsung SGS UnBrickable thanks: Zak Stinson
    S8500 Samsung Wave Plans Available thanks: Rebellos
    S8530 Samsung Wave II Plans Available thanks: Rebellos
    SPH-D700 Samsung Epic 4G Plans Available thanks: James I-----
    SGH-i997 Samsung Infuse 4G UnBrickable thanks pdx 528e
    SGH-T959 Samsung Vibrant UnBrickable thanks: ChauncyG
    SGH-T959V Samsung GalaxyS 4G UnBrickable thanks: bhundven
    SGH-T849 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 inch
    GT-P1000 Samsung Galaxy Tab UnBrickable Thanks F50+
    GT-P100 Samsung Sprint Galaxy Tab UnBrickable
    SCH-i800 Samsung Verison/US Cellular Galaxy Tab 7.0 UnBrickable
    SHW-M180 Samsung Galaxy Tab
    GT-i9010 Samsung Giorgio Armani Galaxy
    T839 Samsung Sidekick 4g UnBrickable
    SCH-i500 Samsung Fascinate UnBrickable thanks: RootzWiki
    SCH-i520 Samsung Droid Charge USB OTG port issue thanks: Clarkkent434
    7e ViewSonic ViewPad
    R90L200 Pandigital 9" tablet
    SGH-i987 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0
    SGH-T849 T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0
    GT-P1000N Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0
    SGH-i877 Samsung Inspiration
    GT-I9020 Google Nexus S GSM - Failed -
    GT-I9023 Google Nexus S CDMA - USB OTG port issue - Modification located, but CDMA gets in the way of USB OTG

    GT-P1010 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Wi-Fi 16GB
    M9 Meizu
    SC-01C NTT DoCoMo Galaxy Tab 7.0
    X10 Viliv HSPA 32GB
    X7 Viliv HSPA 32GB
    SCH-i400 Samsung Continuum
    M9300 Kyocera Echo
    YP-G1CW Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 8GB
    SGH-T759 Samsung Exhibit 4G
    yp-g70 Samsung galaxy s wifi 50 2
    YP-G70EW Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 16GB
    YP-GB70NW Samsung Galaxy Player 70 32GB
    SCH-I500 Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize
    YP-MB2 Samsung Yepp / Galaxy Touch 32GB
    GT-I9088 Samsung Galaxy S
    YP-GB1EW Samsung Galaxy Player
    16GBH-I909 Samsung Galaxy S Pro Galaxy S
    SCH-W899 Samsung phone
    SCH-R910 Samsung Galaxy Indulge / Forte\
    MID8024-4G Coby Kyros 8"
    MID7022-4G Coby Kyros 7"
    MID1024-4G Coby Kyros 10.1

    Just about anything with a Samsung processor in it.. There's so many
    devices. These are the most common ones we are targeting.

    Once I have received any of the above boards, I will attempt one of the following tricks to find out where the xOM5 resistor lies. Please understand that there is ALWAYS risk while working on electronics. I have done several of these sucessfully.

    Methods for locating modificaton
    1. Monitor memory locations in real-time while using the viewmem tool for changes to the OM registers. This only works on a rooted and working device. I can short high from behind a 10kohm pull-up resistor to a low value which is pulled down from a 100kOhm pull-down reistor. This will allow the high to counteract the low and a memory location can be monitored while performing this operation. This leaves the device totally operational and is the best way to perform this type of analysis, but is only accessible on some devices

    2. Using overlays and processor pinouts, I can trace out likely locations of the xOM5 resistor, make a modification, and watch the results from the SBL over UART. This leaves the device totally operational.

    3. Using relative positioning, I can pick a resistor, make a change and test for proper modifiction. This leaves the device totally operational.

    4. Using a multimeter, I can remove the processor from a device and trace out the pins manually. This method is only appropriate for a broken device.

    As an additional benefeit, we may be able to port the Nexus S bootloaders to the device, allowing for the latest version of Android to be ported easily to the device... After that, Ubuntu, Apple iOS, WP7, you name it...

    Let me get into some of the technical details here... If you're not technical, jump to the end.
    Pure and simple, this is a hardware exploit which allows direct upload of code to run on the S5PC110/Hummingbird/Cortex A8 platform. Samsung's chain of trust(CoT) model uses hardware to authenticate the Integrated Read-Only Memory (IROM), which authenticates the initial bootloader (IBL), which authenticates the Primitive Bootloader(PBL)... The IROM,IBL, and PBL are all loaded in IRAM, the PBL's job is to initialize Dynamic RAM(DRAM) and authenticate/load the Secondary bootloader(SBL AKA BL3), which loads a kernel, which loads the operating system you see on-screen.

    This is a two part hack. We've developed a hardware modification which allows USB download of code. We've also developed the Hummingbird Interceptor bootloader(HIBL) which intercepts the CoT and allows a second, unsigned download. The HIBL uses official code to handle authentication, which jumps to another memory location. It's this memory location where we place our exploit. Our exploit reuses the same code that downloads the HIBL to IRAM, but it initializes DRAM which means you can directly upload a SBL(the final bootloader) to DRAM.

    So once again.. really quick... We use a hardware mod to download Rebellos' HIBL, which violates the Chain of Trust, exploits a memory jump and allows unsigned code to run on the processor. All this means you can revive a dead phone easily or try out other operating systems and debug easily, regardless of signature checking on the device.

    The first part is the hardware modification so things can be tested without risk. Please help out if you have a dead device. I can make constructive use of it, or you can PM me for instructions. Either way, that old junked device you have can help out millions of people.

    Made sticky for the time being

    If you don´t have any of the requested stuff please stay away from cluttering the thread, all non related posts such as "great idea!" and so will be deleted and re-incidence could lead to a ban
    Added Fascinate to the UnBrickable List.

    The owner of RootzWiki gave me a Fascinate yesterday at the Big Android BBQ. I was able to locate the modification, gather together firmware and make an entire solution available within 24 hours.

    UnBrickable Mod:
    How to:
    One-Click software update:

    This is a worlds first for the Fascinate. Never before has there been a method of unbricking a Fascinate. I didn't even have to destroy it! I'm pretty happy about that.
    Yes, it's incredible that a device that sold more than 14 millions units still doesn't have this feature... but in the other hand, if my Galaxy S get bricked, I'd try to repair it, don't you think? :D
    A donation could be better... We donate a small amount of money, the devs buy a Galaxy S (bricked, new, whatever) and they start working :cool:
    I'm also looking forward to try WP7!

    I could manage that if you wanted to start a donation fund... just ensure everyone who donates posts in the thread, and mentions that they donated. and I will acknoledge that I received the money so that everyone knows there's nothing shadey going on. Then I would keep everyone updated so that they know where their money is going. I'm not too keen on "asking for money", however if you wanted to start that thread, then I'll play along and buy a busted i9000 from e-bay.

    Or you could simply send me a device, and I can put it back together, send it back, then you can say.. OMG WHT HAPPND?!?! The processor came off! lol... i'm not recommending this... but hey.. it might work.
    So maybe u can run iOS on samsung, or WP7 on iPhone?
    Or i misunderstand?

    Let me break this down... This modification means you can NEVER brick your phone. You have to physically destroy it. There's no firmware which can ruin the phone. You simply plug it in and run this tool..

    This tool is still a work in progress. It requires a Linux machine (or linux Virtual machine) in order to run. However, it works, and it works well. This tool will work for:
    T959... We will need to write another tool for other devices.

    What this allows is for debugging of entire operating systems without any risk. For example, I installed BADA Bootloaders to my device last night with one of the guys from the BadaDroid project (they're working on porting Android to Bada). My device totally crapped when it saw that firmware, but it gave detailed logging messages about GPIOs. It would be possible to take that firmware and rewrite it to work with our devices, and it basically eliminates that "what if I screw something up" $600 barrier that prevents porting of other operating systems to our devices.

    After I flashed Bada bootloaders with the tool above, I simply pulled the battery out, put it back in, connected to USB, used the tool above and it put my phone back into Odin download mode, at which point I reflashed the device.

    We need to spread this mod to all the devices. Currently we have SGH-i897 mod done.