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Jan 24, 2010
Anyone have Docomo Disney Mobile Launcher or Theme?

LiveWallpaper or Stock Wallpaper?

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I've been looking too! I wouldn't think it's too hard if someone d/l the software and sent to the US....just because it's made for a Japanese phone how could it be so different than our android ones? Specially if it's just a static wallpaper?? Let me know if you found anything!!


Aug 29, 2011
I have 4 Disney phones from Japan:
Docomo's F-08D & F-07E and SoftBank's DM012SH & DM013SH

If you know how to "extract" live wallpapers, please tell me how to do it and I'll send it to you, or post it somewhere online. :laugh:

Via SD Maid App, it is free,
open--> settings---> app control--> show system app,
then app control--> tap on app/widget/livewallpaper ---> export apk

the problem is not the exporting part, but making the apk work on your particular device, there are lot of dependencies based on that particular model. Currently working on a F-03F, it is the most adorable phone ever. Will upload the APKs as I get them working on other phones...


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Feb 6, 2016
The apps run checks.

Okay I downloaded all of that stuff. Some apps told me I was on the wrong device and another told me my phone number wasn't connected to docomo :( I think the next step might be posting the data from the obb folder on your device.

Oh wait never mind the only apps I can get to run are the clock widget and the live wallpaper. I thought there were more Disney clocks?
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