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Does anyone have the Hydrogen OS flashable zip for the Oneplus 6t

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New member
Dec 22, 2020
Hi everyone,
Does anyone have Hydrogen OS 9.0.4 or similar versions that can be flashed with TWRP or have the MSM tool to restore it? It will make life easier for me who changes ROMS quite often to have a convenient restore methods of returning my Oneplus 6t to the stock hydrogen os without much hassle (I bought my 6t a year ago in china and it came with hydrogen os). I am currently using PIXEN rom on my phone and want to go back to hydrogen os because of the battery drain of google play services (it comes installed with the rom), lineage os does not work with the oneplus camera app, so i would like to reflash it.

If anyone has the stock rom, please send it to me. It would be very useful, as the battery life is driving me crazy.

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