Question Does anyone have VOICE navigation working for LineageOS 18.1?

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New member
Dec 27, 2021

I am using the microG version of LineageOS 18.1 on my Pixel 5a (lineage-18.1-20211116-microG-barbet).

When using MapQuest, everything works fine except I do not hear the voice prompts (such as "Turn Left"). For example, after I put in a destination and press "Drive" then I press the "Audio" button and it says "Master volume is off" even though every volume slider on my phone is set to the maximum.

Similarly, in OsmAnd, Menu > Navigation > Options > (Sound) Voice prompts is set to "On." Yet, I do not hear any voice prompts.

Does anyone have this working? Does anyone use a different app that works?

Thank you.