Question Does anyone have Xiaomi 12 with unlocked bootloader? Test LineageOS

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May 15, 2012
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For me it was a bit of a headache flashing LOS, many times resulting in a bootloop or boot to fastboot.
If you follow procedure make sure you add "_ab" to your flash commands and do not mix components. You will have OTA working anyway that will fix the camera issue.
Also go to Xiaomi website and download and then flash the latest firmware. This will fix the baseband issues.

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    Hello everyone, I'm porting LineageOS to Xiaomi 12, but I haven't unlocked the bootloader.
    Can someone help me testing my port? I'll be appreciated if you could help me.
    1. A Xiaomi 12 with unlocked bootloader.
    2. Have enough time to test.
    3. Know how to use logcat.
    4. Speak English or Chinese.
    Please contact me at Link deleted or Link deleted if you are willing to help. Thank you very much.
    If you have a Deleted, just add my account ID Accound deleted please.

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    I, i Will be pleased if you upload a flashing guide.
    OK, I have wrote a flashing guide for Windows users, tho I don't use Windows so I hope all steps are correct:

    Flashing LOS on Cupid

    Xiaomi 12 LOS ROM flashing


    Your bootloader must be unlocked.

    You should use latest platform tools on Windows.

    Your device should be charged above 50%. Well, it doesn't have to be, but this is just for your phones safety.

    Download all required files - ROM, boot, vendor_boot, dtbo and recovery.

    Make a proper backup if needed and push it to another storage.

    First steps:

    After you have unlocked the bootloader, device will reboot automatically. Finish the setup, enable developer settings and finally enable USB-Debugging in developer settings.

    In Windows open the folder in which you have unzipped the platform tools.

    Hold left shift and press right click
    click "open powershell window here"

    Type in Terminal for example "adb devices" and grant the permissions for this PC on your device.

    Reboot your device to fastboot and connect it with your PC.

    The flashing procedure:

    Flash boot, vendor_boot, dtbo and recovery:

    Type in Windows Terminal:

    fastboot flash boot lineage-19.1-20220617-UNOFFICIAL-cupid-boot.img

    fastboot flash vendor_boot lineage-19.1-20220617-UNOFFICIAL-cupid-vendor_boot.img

    fastboot flash dtbo_ab lineage-19.1-20220617-UNOFFICIAL-cupid-dtbo.img

    fastboot flash recovery lineage-19.1-20220617-UNOFFICIAL-cupid-recovery.img

    and finally

    fastboot reboot recovery or

    reboot to recovery by holding volume up and power buttons until you see Mi logo on your screen (on device).

    In LOS recovery:

    do a factory reset first

    go to "Factory reset" and perform "Format data / Factory reset"

    all data will be erased. Then....

    go to "Apply update", followed by "Apply from ADB"

    Now sideload the ROM:

    type in Windows Terminal

    adb sideload

    You can also drag ROM zip file into your terminal window, instead of typing the full name/path to file.

    When finished, reboot simply your device.