Does anyone lose signal or data connection?

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Nov 17, 2009
Cleaned my sim card so far so good. I have to try it wen im on the train tomorrow to make sure. I lost service in a couple places and service came back.


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Apr 25, 2011
New York
It's been about a week since I've switched sim cards from my old one to the one that came with my Note 7. So far no more lost data connections on my replacement Note 7.


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Sep 12, 2006
Brooklyn, NY
Glad it worked out. Hopefully it stays, because I had my sim replaced and it happened again yesterday, so I went to do the same trick as I did on my V1 (listed above) and back to no more drop outs, so looks like it is in fact the fix to get this to work :)


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Aug 21, 2009
Kansas City
So it has been a week after changing my sim card and I went ahead and also changed my network to manual for T-Mobile. I have noticed a couple times that I have lost the network (in areas that I know are bad) because it now tells me that it has lost the T-mobile network and within seconds it reconnects. I have not lost the network and had to double enter airplane mode or reboot my phone since these changes. I even better news my phone has not exploded either.:D


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Apr 18, 2010
I had the note 7 v1 and i didn't have the no connectivity issue. Got the s7 replacement and didnt have any issues. Now with the note 7 V2 , I'm constantly losing connection in the most random places that have full 4g lte. I'm in Brooklyn where the Tmobile reception is perfect virtually 99% of the time.

There are spots in my gym, which is built like a huge airplane hangar, where I will lose reception constantly, and it wont come back unless I reset the phone. Its getting really annoying. Yeah the gym does have dead spots but to not see the reception come back on its own is pissing me off.

the worst part is when it happens while in a phone call when driving or just standing still.

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    you gotta be somewhere with no signal for awhile then it will do it.If you lose signal briefly it wont do it

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    Exactly! So this is a terrible problem for anyone that commutes by train or car where they go through a tunnel for more than a couple of minutes. Also bad for anyone taking an elevator a few times a day at their office! I work in NYC so I have to deal with this every single day :crying:
    Me!!!! If I go to the bathroom at work where there is no signal and come back out where I have full bars it will not connect back to the network until I reboot or turn airplane mode on. No matter how long I wait.
    Same here

    Both V1 and V2 have done it for me. no data/cell signal out of the blue...

    Glad to hear others are having the issue and it's not just me...

    Hope for an update soon
    This is interesting. I have the V2 not on most current FW. Makes me think its a phone issue...
    So I was just looking to see if there was anything new out there on this. The good part is about 3 min in. This person says they moved their sim card from their previous phone and had T-Mobile wipe it and that has help and they don't have an issue with service coming back. I have moved mine from the S7 edge to the Note 7 to the S7 Edge to the Note 7 now so I am thinking of trying this. I am wondering if anyone having these issues used a new Sim or if we all just moved our sims from the prior phone?
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