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Does camera work with Edxposed and Android 11 Nov Update?

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Oct 18, 2007
Is there a way to downgrade this camera app on 12? I just updated to 12 and now the camera app is broken.


Jul 31, 2012
I got problem with front camera. Can not take pictures & faceid. Can anyone help please? Thanks
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    I'm not able to open the Android camera app anymore. WIth Edxposed disabled it works. So I'm wondering if anyone on Android 11 Nov update with Edxposed has camera working. If so, could you kindly tell me your setup (ie. Edxposed version, etc.)?

    Edit: It looks like the Camera update from Nov 17 is what broke this. After uninstalling the update it works.
    Add gcam to black list and reboot. Just tried and it works 👍
    Added to Magisk Hide, Xposed Blacklist, Xposed Compat list, rebooted; installed 8.1.101.x... force closes immediately.
    For anyone wondering, in EdExposed, if I go to XHide and hide camera it works. Hope this helps!