Does Note 2 (Allshare cast) work with PTV3000 (Miracast receiver)

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Nov 27, 2008
I also have a rooted Note 2. I also cannot connect to the PTV3000. It works with my Nexus 7 2013, which is rooted. However, there are huge black bars on the sides of the TV screen. You could never use it for viewing media. Also, with the Nexus 7, the PTV 3000 does not pass thru DTS or Dolby Digital sound to my Denon receiver. Ironically, based on youtube videos, the Note 2, when it connects, does not suffer from the black bars problem, and some folks are claiming that it can also pass thru digital sound. I really want to get this working on my Note 2. However, I am not willing to flash back to stock and run triangle away just for the benefit of mirroring. I saw in a youtube discussion that the flash counter impacts the ability to connect in Note 2 to the PTV3000.

With a rooted note 2 running CleanROM ACE, I consistently get HDCP errors when attempting to connect. My girlfriend's stock note 2 works fine.
I'm not an expert, however from what I've read most roms do not include the files for HDCP authentication. I searched my device for for example, and came up with nothing.
The question arises:
Can you simply toss those files in the file system where they need to be? Will this yield the desired result?

I've also seen discussion of Cyanogen including these files with a setting to disable HDCP if a device is buggy. Can anyone confirm that?

Thanks for your time.
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Aug 4, 2011
I threw away the PTV 3000. Piece of junk. I've also since sold the Note 2 so I cannot offer any further feedback.


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Jun 12, 2012
Note 2 and 3 and Netgear PTV3000

A patch is needed to be run if the Handset has been updated to Android 4.3 which can be obtained from the Play Store under ScreenMirroring Patch by Samsung.

Running the patch on my Note 3 restored the function after an update to Android 4.4 was done.

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    maybe working with gn2

    Updated PTV3000 to 2.2.2 firmware, still doesn't work, at least gives an error though, complains about HDCP. Works great on my Nexus 4 now though.

    I never post anything, but I thoght this might help a few people.

    There has been reports of it working with the Galaxy note 2, with firmware 2.2.4

    productforums. google. com /forum /#!topic/ mobile/ 5kUFRgcEYXE (cant post links)

    I havent tried it yet, I will once I get home and can hook it up to my tv.

    /cross fingers