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Does T-Mobile OP8 5G Support Dual-Sim if on Global Firmware?

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Oct 22, 2015
OnePlus 8


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Apr 7, 2016
I have followed all the steps and I even changed the imei and the sim2 still does not get signal. i have installed, India, EU and Global rom and nothing

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    Did you try using 2 sim cards ? Both working fine ? If yes, please share the guide with us. Thanks.
    1. First of all unlock bootloader and u also have permanent sim unlock from t-mobile.
    2.After unlocking your phone will restart, setup your oneplus 8 and enable developer mode and in developer mode enable "usb debugging" .
    Note: You must have working adb/fastboot drivers.
    3. now restart your phone to bootloader.
    4. Download any android 10 fastboot Rom from xda developer.
    "I have tested this : https://sourceforge.net/projects/fastbootroms/files/OnePlus 8/10.5.9-EUROPE-OnePlus8Oxygen_15.E.18_OTA_018_all_2007160043_913306-FASTBOOT.zip/download
    4.1. For flashing this rom your phone has to be in fastboot mode.
    5. After downloading extract the rom and open extracted folder and double click "flah_all.bat
    5.1.connect your phone to computer in fastboot mode and enter "Y"
    wait for 5 to 7 minutes, in this process your oneplus will restart to recovery mode but never unplug the cable or use your phone during installation.

    Note: i have tested dual sim with dual sim tray.
    That's so weird. I flashed the same version if EU ROM but didn't get dual SIMs. Do you remember which version if TMO ROM before flashing EU.10.5.9?
    Brother after flashing eu10.5.9 just update your OnePlus to latest (because dual sim compatibility is only available in android 11/oxygen 11) and then lock the bootloader after locking your phone will rest and u will see dual sim compatibility after setup.
    Maybe looks wired but works for me