Does the H910 running Lineage OS do VoLTE on AT&T?

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Senior Member
Sep 19, 2014
SF Bay Area
Moto G 5G
As the title says, does anyone here have an H910+Lineage on AT&T's network verified that it is doing VoLTE, and not only voice over UMTS?

I ask because AT&T says they are killing their 3G network in 01/2022, which means any phone that isn't VoLTE capable on their network will lose the ability to place calls (non-VOIP calls). Evidently my H918 running LOS isn't capable of doing VoLTE on AT&T's network, and I REALLY, REALLY don't want to give up using a V20. So, if the H910 does VoLTE running Lineage on AT&T's network, I'll buy a new H910.

I am very, very interested in getting this question definitively answered one way or the other.
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