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Does this phone support 4g + 3g?

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Senior Member
Oct 13, 2010
sorry yes ofcourse they both do, i mean can they both support 4g and 3g or 4G and 4G at the SAME TIME, as my country is shutting down 2g network.

normally when one sim is connected to 4g the other sim will downgrade to 2g automatically. i need a phone that can do either 4g +4g or 4g and 3g when 2 sims are in use.


New member
Nov 11, 2017
i had purchased le eco le2 from india. But now i am in KSA, i am not getting data network. I am using mobily network.
I can make calls and send SMS. I checked all possible methods to solve the issues, but still not solved. pls help me.

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