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Dolby Atmos™ for OOS - Closed

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May 8, 2011
Ontario, Canada
Can confirm working on OOS International Model
Thanks so much !

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    Can confirm working on OOS International Model
    Thanks so much !

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    Due to complaints that the addon does not work, I have now removed it from the forum.
    Unfortunately, I can not understand that it does not run, because I had no problems on two devices.
    If someone still wants to test or has questions he can send me a PN.

    The topic may be closed.

    With kind regards

    Use on your own risk.
    Hello everyone, I found a post on the OnePlus8Pro forum about Dolby Atmos.
    There sirioo posted a Magisk file which adds the full Dolby Atmos to the system. (Made for the OP8Pro!)(Thanks for this!).
    I tested this on my OnePlus 8T and found that Dolby Atmos works fine.
    For those who would also like to have the full program, I now share my experience.

    Instructions: (Root(Magisk) required + Audio Modification Library + USB debugging enabled) !!!

    Step 1: Download "SDK Platform Tools", unpack it. Go to the folder and type "CMD" in the top bar. Now your console will open.

    Step 2: Make sure that your phone has USB debugging enabled and allowed to the computer (can be enabled in the developer options). Now type the following command: (The Phone must stay ON during the process!)
    adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.oneplus.sound.tuner
    #This removes the Dolby Atmos tuner present on your device.#

    Info: After the command (Step:2) you can check in the Settings>Sound&Vibration>> under "Sound effects and modes", there should be now the Dolby-setting disappeared.

    Step 2.1: Restart your Phone.

    Step 3: Now Download "DolbyAtmosOOS" and put it on your device. (or download the file from my attachment.) Now open Magisk and load the file from your storage and restart your device. Voilà Dolby Atmos can now be enjoyed to the fullest. :)

    How do I get back to the default? > Uninstall the Magisk addon, restart your device.

    Tested on OP8T - OOS (EU) - 03.20.2021 ✅
    Tested on OP8T -
    OOS (EU) - 04.11.2021 ✅

    A little video from me to show that Dolby works under OOS !

    Pros of DolbyAtmos Full?
    More and more detailed setting options than with the system's own.


    Edit: 04.11.2021
    In the meantime changed my ROM back and forth a few times. (for testing purposes on my part), I repeated today (04.11.2021) the installation of DolbyAtmos according to my instructions and it worked successfully. I am currently on OP8T OOS (Model: KB2003)

    To the ones who say it doesn't work, I can only say that you not exactly following the instructions or you are on a custom rom.
    Uforuently mine did not flash and said failed in Magisk.

    OnePlus 7T Pro 5G Running AOSIP
    My instructions are only for the Official OOS, to all other custom roms I can not say anything, the 8Pro forum which I linked above in the text is only for information where I got the Magisk file.
    I have performed the procedure according to my instructions on two OnePlus8T, on both devices DolbyAtmos works successfully.
    For custom roms based on OOS-vendor, there is also an alternative here in the forum.

    Yes, it runs together with Viper4Android.
    If you could at least tell me how the app doesn't work, I could at least help.
    Since all I hear is that it doesn't work, I can't do anything.
    The next question would be to clarify what kind of smartphone you use? What version of OOS are you on?
    I have so far only read out that it does not work on a 7tpro and on a custom rom, but from OOS I have heard nothing?

    Attached I have just made the trouble to create a small video, which shows that Dolby works.
    I mention again that I did not create the Magisk Dolby file, but only found out that it works with the OnePlus8T on OOS!
    I am using KB2003, OOS KB05BA
    Yes, it looks like it's working. I can move the sliders and set the different modes BUT no matter what I do, it makes absolutely no difference to the sound. And the volume controls are no longer working, volume keeps at one fixed level, the sliders are moving but nothing happens. Demo mode is also not working.
    Besides this I don't see any advantages against the built-in Dolby Atmos except the equalizer which is also not very useful because there is no option to save the settings as a preset.
    Mine is working on H2OS system, thank you.