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Question Dolby Vision files are not displayed correctly

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does anyone else has a problem with playing dolby vision movies? Normal hevc 10bit hdr files are playing fine (although very dark). But dolby vision files ether don't have the correct colors (the typical purple/green color issues) or, if dolby vision gets recognized, it gets cut off on the top and bottom. The resulting aspect ratio is something like 1:6, so it is really really bad both screenshots from the same movie

I tried the different dolby profiles using the dolby muxer from thier github (dvhe.05,dvhe.07,dvhe.08...).
Also i tried of course different players (kodi, kodi hdr edition, mx player, mpv, build in) but they all just use the hardware decoding and therefore have the same problem.
Also the ONLY file that i found that worked correctly was a demo from netflix (http://download.opencontent.netflix.com/?prefix=TechblogAssets/Meridian/encodes/)
Container also doesn't matter (thinking that metainfo has been given to the hardware decoder for correct aspect ratio). I tried ts, m2ts, matroska, mp4...
i found a solution for a few movies (e.g. some movie about a guy that has a license to kill).
If you have a movie in DV in an mkv container and the pad does not recognize it (puple/green colours) look first with mediainfo for the codec id. If it says on Codec ID dvhe this will not work, if it says V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC the following will work. (Both videos report the same HDR format "Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.05.06, BL+RPU")

demux the mkv to a hevc and audio/subtitle files (ffmpeg, tsmuxer,...)
mux it to an mp4 using the dolby muxer from github
mp4muxer --dv-profile 5.09 -i video.hevc -i audio.ac3 -o out.mp4
Add subtitles or whatever you want.

I have no clue why the aspect ratio is wrong on the dvhe files, i blame the HW decoding driver of the Pad.