[DONATE to k4y0z] - BL UNLOCK for HD8 (16/17) / support for HD8 (18)

With HD10 2017 unlock in progress, which is the next Fire to unlock?

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Sep 13, 2008
I would take a look, can't make any promises though ;)

Is the bounty completely over? Or is there still an active one for unlocking the HD8 2017?

It would be amazing if you can figure out a bootloader unlock. I guess there are more differences than I thought between the 2018 vs 2017 HD8... Unfortunately, I am stuck with two of the older models that I was planning to wall mount in my home, but the old webview that fireOS uses many of my home assistant cards are broken...

My HD10 with lineageos is working great though and I would love to give the HD8 the same treatment.

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    P.S. I have seen echos of fastboot being used to flash images. We know that's not possible as the current setup stands. So if my research in the past year was at all right, then we can use the kit I have to build and sign factory images (with official tools and official signatures included), to our hearts content. It just so happens I have the kit with everything needed to do just that, including the source code to the bootloaders and kernel (mediatek) as well as other proprietary things. We just need to get.this fastboot built.

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    Hey guys, I've been looking into this for a while now and have practice in reverse engineering and have worked with lk's before. I currently own a fire HD10 (7th gen). Due to it being a personal device (and my sons) I would like to request donations to work on fresh HD's. So far I see great research and have even learned more myself. I would like to thank... @[email protected]
    For giving me a better understanding of the complexity of this process.
    I donated, so I'd clearly love to see this happen. Best of luck guys.
    For standardization, one could go with 5.5.0 bootloaders from this early ROM - update-kindle-
    I would rather use the newest exploitable LK to ensure compatibility with the newest boot-images.

    @k4y0z / @xyz` - what's the level of challenge for the unlock ? With another volunteer that has HD10 opened, testing can be done with imperfect versions, and BootRom access via shorting.
    The HD10 forces 64-Bit kernel which makes the exploit more difficult and also requires repartitioning the device.
    This would also mean decreasing the size of userdata-partition by about 110MiB and an increased boot-time of about 10 seconds.
    It also requires a factory-reset since userdata needs to be reformatted.
    I actually have a working exploit for another device that also forces 64 bit, so I know it's possible.
    Unfortunately I don't own a Fire HD10, which I would need to work on it.