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Dorians Redpill CM7 Hybrid Rom

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Jul 21, 2012
He doesn't have a "trademark" tweak, as far as I'm aware. His thing is overall stability and reliability, not flash and gimmicks. It doesn't make for a "sexy" ROM; if that's what one is looking for, one is in the wrong spot. :)

I understanded it. thanx.
I couldnt use CM7 because of wifi error,
but It works...

so fantastic!

tweak and MODs are not all.
thanx Pollard. really thanx alot.:)

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May 25, 2012
New Jersey
He doesn't have a "trademark" tweak, as far as I'm aware. His thing is overall stability and reliability, not flash and gimmicks. It doesn't make for a "sexy" ROM; if that's what one is looking for, one is in the wrong spot. :)

(I do know a few visible changes off the bat. He replaced the ugly default font with something more pleasant (Segoe UI Light, I think),and he removed the useless Androidian and Cyanbread themes.)

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Just in case anybody else was interested to hear from Dorian about this version


That's Dorian's original post with this update and changelog all up there. He explains tweaking the framework and doing some internal modding so it just confirms that his work was done to the background things taking place in OS which don't always necessarily have any UI as most system processes do not to provide any interface. Then this also confirms that stability of the rom should be better than standard as well as expected by any of Dorian's releases.
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    I know lots of people are looking for new CM7 stuff to flash! well I seen a rom called Dorians Redpill cm7 Hybrid v1 around the forum in some peoples sigs and such but nobody has made it available here so... I googled it and found this! http://jwhite.macleod-web.net/resources/atrixforums/CM7/RedPill Hybrid V1 RC.zip

    and I gotta say this is definetly worth a flash it's damn nice!

    Note: I only found this link and made it available here! I had nothing to do with making this rom! This was made by a dev named Dorian on another forum! So please give credit where credit is due! :D

    And I sure as **** am not responsible for any damage you cause to your phone from flashing this! As I said I only found the link and am making it available for all the flashing fiends out there such as myself! That is all! Happy flashing! :D

    Update: Actually there was one problem I experienced when I first flashed this that I forgot to mention! you may have to possibly redo your apns or restore them from a backup as I did experience a problem with my mobile connection when I first installed.
    Latest post from Dorian:
    [...] Many of the parts that I use in RedPill were edited in a sloppy manor by someone else before I got them, meaning I can't cleanly decompile/recompile some things. Since I can't do that, it means I can't completely theme it. When things don't fit a theme in 99% of the ROM it really bothers me. I could release RedPill as-is though, and you guys could just use it that way if you really don't care. It would just bother me, since in my mind it's not complete.

    [...] Another reason I've been a bit quiet lately is the device I have is failing. There's a light halo around the outside of the LCD panel, the internal storage is on the fritz, and the MicroSD card slot hasn't worked for a while. So testing new stuff is a bit difficult, especially when the internal storage decides to just stop working sometimes... because it's on/off. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Anyway, AT&T is replacing it...

    Just to let you guys know, you're not forgotten about. :)
    Thought you guys might appreciate the info. Hardware issues and a bit of OCD by the developer would tend to delay a new release. :D
    Shut up.

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    Just FYI, Dorian has released a new version of RedPill-CM7 (dated 9-1-2012). It's based on the most current CM7.2 source to date (compiled by Dorian, not hacked from an existing release), and has all of his usual stability and reliability tweaks. The default CM7 font has also been replaced with something that's not ugly (this includes the desk clock). :D Note that this release no longer includes ICS-style UI elements, but you can still get that with one of the many ICS themes in the Play Store.

    Go here for all the details, or you can download it here (and get the Google Apps package here). Enjoy!
    I feel an obligation to remind everyone that we were all "noobs" at some point. ;) The only way to not be a "noob" is to acquire knowledge, and I've often found that kicking them in the teeth isn't the best way to impart knowledge. Perhaps we "superior beings" should keep this in mind, and cut others a little slack instead of cutting them down? It doesn't take much extra effort to say, "You can find the answer over here, and for future reference, perhaps you should do such-and-such," instead of, "Go Google it, you noob a**hole!" (Okay, I haven't actually seen anyone call someone "a**hole," but that's the sentiment nonetheless.)