DROID X2 Bootloader bounty thread! (The X2 Prize?)

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Aug 5, 2010
Anchorage, AK
EDIT: This post is a bounty thread dedicated to pledging support for a developer to unlock the Droid X2. If enough do, it will make it worth someones valuable time to put in the work. I will update this post whenever someone posts, im sure if enough people kick in ten or twenty bucks, someone out there has the skills needed!

Bounty to go to the first developer who can distribute a method to unlock the DROID x2 bootloader. Payment by Papal.

Here is the reward so far. I will update it at least daily until this thing gets cracked!

All bounties are considered US denomination.

20.00 mattchenzo
10.00 AuxiliaryPie
5.00 wakkadojo
10.00 slowz3r
10.00 SubDivions
10.00 chrislewissd
20.00 illogic6
10.00 mkzbdroid
10.00 PnoT
20.00 ferg40
50.00 L2_n19h7m4r3
25.00 dan.follett
10.00 hapyman
10.00 sn1p3r6992
10.00 dr.diesel
10.00 booked
10.00 0vermind
25.00 spr0k3t
50.00 timshady337
10.00 papibone5
50.00 phanboy4
10.00 LiarParadox
10.00 Computer Dreams
10.00 1stx2
20.00 ashclepdia
20.00 reignofernie
50.00 splendidjest
20.00 bigfooot
15.00 kc9bvl
20.00 h_10
50.00 HerbManORedEye
50.00 mattfox27
50.00 ilovesoad
10.00 daphantoms
30.00 sawyers70
25.00 inayat.ganesa
20.00 Hunter054321
10.00 jmuth197

Total for The DROID X2 Prize so far:


(EDIT)- Thread for buying used X2 to send to developer has been split to a new thread, link to follow shortly...

Thanks everyone for the show of support!

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Oct 28, 2010
Ill donate $10, its like my old computer class teacher said "ill never say something is impossible in the realm of technology, ill just say 'i dont know how to do it'"

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