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May 28, 2012
The shadow team is long lost into shadows, yet you are still their signature-bearer.... Great loyalty man !

I'm just going to put it out even if it hurts some of you guys but seriously. This device is s**t.

Worst choice in my life, HTC just sucks in general only good phone I had from them was the one I purchased.

Devs always run away from devices like these because its a pain to get things working with such limited resources. But there is still Hope, just that little bit that might become successful.

So come on guys, prove me wrong that this device isn't s**t.

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Yeah true,this device isn't that good. Devs make it better,before my buddies and I came and made ROMs for this phone thats the pary where it totally sucked lol. I beleive some of the devs are gone as well (including me). You still have NeXus Prime,atis 112,ckpv5,Infinity Shooter and other great people who might appear here soon so you still have a chance to get the latest stuff :p

And NeXus Prime, lol yeah good times...good times :))


Senior Member
Nov 22, 2011
Lahore, Pakistan
Go on. Keep venting your own frustration. But the fact is, tougher devices than this got everything.

Because someone stepped up.

Another fact is, no one of us, including me, was good enough to do it. Device is still sitting there to be taken.

I remember the recovery porting days, and then the kernel frenzy. People used to say the same sh#t again n again.

So much free time to post about asking ETA, but no time to learn real kernel dev
You have to do it yourself. XDA developers community , not ranting people community. I'm out.

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Recognized Contributor
Apr 10, 2012
OnePlus Nord
Don't give up everybody. We will get this done one day. When I finish my job training. which will be around June / beginning of July, I'll have lots of time. Then, I'll start to learn CM deving and will try to get it done. So please be patient. Maybe greeneyes finishes before I get to start...


Recognized Themer
Jan 1, 2012
Auckland City
@dansou901 its good to see some hope left but really. This device is so out dated. And like there isn't much to work with so it'll be difficult. Not saying I'm a dev or anything but it seems so likely. But its good to see you're still trying.


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Retired Forum Moderator
Mar 26, 2012
Coventry, UK
Okay everyone, listen up and pay attention!

To everyone who's been asking for an ETA, you should most definitely know better. Whether you're a new member or a long standing member on this forum, a bit of reading and common sense would tell you that the biggest no-no's of XDA is asking for ETA's. Regardless of how you word your post it is still the same. Even if you're simply asking if any/how much progress has been made it's still an ETA.
ETA's aren't allowed as it means you're being too pushy and disrespectful to the developers.

As a few of you guys have mentioned already, there's not as many developers (and therefore not as much development) for the Desire X as there are for other devices. Making such requests is a sure fire way to ensure that you won't get the stable CM build you're waiting for. I've seen plenty of developers leave over more trivial things so rest assured it could certainly happen here as well.

To those of you who are responding to the aforementioned members, please don't reply to them. Doing so could very easily cause a ton more OTness and also arguments (which is exactly what you claim to want less of). In future just report the posts and we (the moderation team) will see it and be able to remove it without it causing any more issues.

I've removed most comments from the last couple of pages as it was either conversation relating to an ETA or OTness. Treat this as a friendly warning (as that's what it is) not to carry on the nonsense that's been happening here recently. I don't want to take this any further but will have no choice if you choose to blatantly ignore this warning.

Now, I don't expect to see any more ETA's, less of the OT and get back to the topic at hand and trying all you can to either get more developers working towards your goal or working towards the goal yourself.
As I'm now subscribed to this thread, don't think I won't notice you ignoring this post. I will see you right away.

Thanks for understanding,
- KidCarter93
Forum Moderator


Senior Member
Sep 29, 2012
Wow haha looks like ive missed quite a bit of action. If anyone wants to make another "Team shadow" or similar then I'd be more then happy to theme (as I'm sure a few others would) just waiting for my HOX now.
A used DesireX is about £40 on EBay maybe someone wants to start a donation thing so XYZ member gets the DX and sends it to a Willing Dev.
Once I get my new phone I will most likely do just this. (dont hold me to it though)

And..... We Got a lot more then HTC ever planned to give us and we've probably got more then some newer Desire variants will get. So just take a chill pill and be thankful for what we've got (Tons of themes and mods, a good selection of kernels and recoverys, S-off, and a nice variety of sense based roms, with the majority coming from the same Few Devs/users)

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Senior Member
May 23, 2013
The specs are pretty much identical to the Desire 300, from which I think one of our ROMs was based, so maybe. I think cross-manufacture porting may just make it not worth it though, HTC is a special child in many, many ways...

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