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Feb 2, 2023
Hello guys!

Recently I adquire a Rog phone 6.
And I have a question regarding the use of mobile data while incoming calls.

According to the specs, this model have dual sim stand by. Basically, I run sim 1 for calls and sim 2 for data, when an incoming call is entering into Sim 1, the data turns off.

I used to have a galaxy, and when this happens automatically switches to data Sim 1 for not loosing internet connection while on the call.

Sorry to bother you, and if it's a silly question!
But I'm new in this world!

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There are 4 types of dual sim, DSDA, DSDS, DSDV and DSDA.
ROG is DSDS and your galaxy is DSDA.
DSDA is only option for data connection on sim2 while calling on sim1.
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