[DUC8] OFFICIAL STOCK FW-update(Odin) thread (20 Mar 21) GALAXY Note20 Ultra SM-N986B

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Apr 18, 2007
Hoy es 5 de junio y no puedo ver una nueva actualización.

Translation: Today is June 5 and I can't see a new update.

Why? Ops, holidays? Jejeje
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New Firmware on Frija: N986BXXS2DUF1/N986BOXM2DUDA/N986BXXS2DUF1


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Feb 13, 2018
any feedbacks on this latest update? batterywise better or worse or same after all it looks like just a regular security patch


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Oct 18, 2010
The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra have started getting a new update in Panama and Paraguay. The new update has firmware version DUG9 and it includes the August 2021 security patch that fixes 40 vulnerabilities related to privacy and security.
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    Latest Firmware Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

    Screenshot_20210319-104422_Software update.jpg

    This ROM is the latest ROM for Multi-CSC OXM released 20 Mar 21, and can be used for ALL CSC's mentioned in Multi-CSC OXM!
    This is official Samsung ROM, so KNOX won't be triggered!

    What's new:
    * March security patches (Samsung Android Security Updates)
    * Night Portrait has been added at 1x portrait.
    * New Portrait effects have been added.
    * Ability to choose between Auto and Max exposure time in Night Mode.
    * Ultrawide angle camera in Pro Mode
    * The security of your device has been improved

    Model SM-N986B
    Model name Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
    Country Multi-CSC OXM
    Version Android 11
    Changelist 21234501
    Build date Fri, 12 Mar 2021 02:38:01 +0000
    Security Patch Level 2021-03-01
    Multi-CSC OXM
    Details for download with Frija:

    UN-ZIP the archive and place the files in the designated slots in Odin 3.14.4

    HOME_CSC_OXM -> data will stay intact
    CSC_OXM -> device will reset

    SM-N986B OXM multi-CSC:
    In this thread, You can share the Mega-Links of new firmware's (OFFICIAL STOCK) for the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G (so: NO CUSTOM ROM's and/or ROOT-talk)...

    How to flash firmware to your phone:


    1. Extract (un-rar) the firmware file (i.e. to folder c:\Odin) ***
    2. Download Odin v3.14.4
    3. Extract Odin ZIP file (i.e. to folder c:\Odin)
    4. Open Odin v3.14.4
    5. Power OFF your Note20 Ultra 5G
    6. Reboot Phone in Download Mode: Connect USB-cable to your computer. Hold down "Volume up" and "Volume down" at same time. While holding down, connect the USB-cable to your phone.
    7. Wait until you get a blue sign in Odin
    8. Add the firmware files to their designated slots (AP in AP, BL in BL, CP in CP, HOME_CSC in CSC). USERDATA stays EMPTY!
    9. Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
    10. Click the start button, sit back and wait few minutes

    *** You can always find the LATEST firmware in msg #2
    B R E A K I N G

    Stable Android 11 / OneUI 3 released in Slovakia: N986BXXU1CTL5 . . .

    Installed with no issues. Phone feels snappier than on Beta4.
    Here's a link for the ones that can't use Frija: