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[Duttys™ HD2 Multi-Lang Legacy 23163 ROMs + Legacy Kitchen COOK Your own Dutty ROMs]

Best Battery Life or Faster Device depends on PagePool

  • Best battery like in V5 = 16mb PagePool

    Votes: 233 43.4%
  • Faster Device with device total control of RAM = Dynamic PagePool

    Votes: 304 56.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Senior Member
Oct 25, 2009
Hi bro spoke to my cousin who is using my roms also and the catch is that whenever you going to use the trial version you have to enter a complete new email address first time which hasnt been used before

I see but I used to tap a random email adress with nonsense word !! so it's kind of unprobabably that I have get 8 times an already used addres with non sense word !!


Retired Moderator
Sep 17, 2006
Hello all,
Hello Dutty, I love your ROMs for jtc hd2, I'll say 99% ok. I have an issue though or maybe two.Let me begin with the less important:I installed NFS undercover,but after the 8games or put it this way:eek:n stage3, the game freezes.I thought it could be resolved with chainfire,so moved to dutty v9,installed chainfire yet the issue persisted.
More inportant to me is this: I have a program I use for study. TO RUN THIS PROGRAM I ALLWAYS INSTALL MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC. On the original rom of my htc hd2 it worked perfect.On dutty's rom,a couple of icons are not avalable making pratically impossible to use this application.
I am bringing it up now so DUTTY can check,the Rom before releasing v10 which I am looking foward to. THANK YOU GUYS.

sorry mate V10 already cooked and package I will look at this another time, but best to give me cab to test it also


Senior Member
Jun 30, 2010
Hiding keyboard

I have a very annoying problem with the keyboard: I have to press 5-6 times the hiding button for the keyboard to go away. Is there a way to have a button on the keyboard to press it for hiding it?

Thank you.


Senior Member
Jan 3, 2007
My posts in this thread are always the same :

Thanks Dutty, thanks Dutty ... lol

(well, nothing to say about V9, it was awesome, I hope it'll be the same for V10)

HA, I forget ... Thanks Dutty :D

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    Kitchen is online please check post 1 for more details.

    New and Final HD2 ROMs online, I pushed the date from sunday to today due to change of plans for weekend.

    Enjoy and its been a pleasure;)
    Duttys HD2 COM3 Final Legacy ROMs Online:)

    All 16 ROMS Flavours and Languages Online enjoy.
    To all

    Sorry I havent been around but promise the family I would restrained from flashing and less computer. Also due to summer holidays I'm spending time with kids and juggling with work.

    Also with London / Britain RIOT last week its carzy as I live in the heart of it and most of community is burned down.

    I will prepare my kitchen and simplify it for all user so please give me some time. Also I will not release anymore ROM due to considerable consideration with the current graphic fix but I will implement it in the kitchen.

    I will try and aim to finish the kitchen and upload it by end summer.

    Have a nice day
    No answer is an answer as well, bro. Please accept it. You are not the first one who has asked for it.

    hey guys sorry but not been here couple days. I will consider release my kitchen but on my own terms and at this time I dont think it will be public but to couple of my loyal fans who has and willing wants to continue or publish ROMs for themselves or public.

    I will release more info on this but before I can do this only when I sold or get rid of my HD2.

    I will make a new thread for this and the names to those who I will give the kitchen to.