[E/dual] [CWM] boot+recovery image for stock JB

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Jul 20, 2018
E single
Xperia E dual
The link to E dual i a fake file, a 7-zip archive with some .exe and task shedular stuff, eset nod 32 warned.
What is this?
I finally downloded cwm recovery for Xperia E single & Dual, for anyone's help the main page is here:
Download For Sony Xperia S xperia_e_single_jb_cwm.elf:

Download For Sony Xperia S DUAL xperia_e_dual_jb_cwm.elf:
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    This is a boot image with CWM for stock JB. The included kernel versions are stock Sony (versions 11.3.A.0.47 and 11.3.A.2.1). You may need an unlocked boot loader for this.

    This can also be used to root stock JB ROM by installing Superuser through recovery.

    Xperia E single
    Xperia E dual
    Note: Don't directly link to these releases. Link to this thread with current releases instead.

    Usage instructions:
    Boot to fastboot and flash boot image:
    fastboot flash boot <filename>.elf
    Recovery boot is triggered by pressing any of the volume keys during bootup while the notification bar lights up.

    How to run fastboot is explained in Sony's instructions. If you still need help with that, please Google it yourself because there are plenty of guides.

    Standard disclaimer that I'm not responsible for any messups applies.

    Thanks go out to FXP for the initial Nanhu device port.

    Release history:
    Separate versions for single/dual-SIM variants
    Shut down option added to CWM
    Proper default.prop included

    Initial release
    Unfortunately, this is not working for Xperia E Dual.
    Well that problem description is a bit too generic. Note that this is for stock JB ROM, not CM10 or ICS. I have tested it with version 11.3.A.2.1 on E dual.

    I haven't done another stock-compatible recovery, but I'm hoping to post the first release of my CM10 port next week, and it will include TWRP.
    This thread is about CWM, not how to get JB. I've explained how to get it from SUS on another thread.
    anyone tested this on C1505 (single SIM)...???
    nice job mate... :)

    perfectly working on xperia e SS ...gr8 job mate!!
    Please, port also recovery for stock only. I don´t want to use any other ROM at the moment.
    I'll look into getting TWRP to work with stock when I've got some time, but right now I don't have anything except CWM.

    Glad to see you are doing some development on this device (xperia e)...since you have ported CM 10 , do you have GSM working on it??
    I'm posting this from my laptop using the tethered data connection of an E dual running CM10 :)
    I'm currently away for a few days, but you can expect a release soon.
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