[E][E DUAL][nanhu][JB 4.1]Paranoid Android 2.57

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Senior Member
May 29, 2016
Lapu Lapu City , Cebu

Well, Porting to this ROM so Easy! But mine is the problem is my Internet Connection was 29kbps! Sucked at 5% or 3.5MB! I was planning this ROM to make any discoveries of Paranoid Android which is Great Same to CyanogenMod 10! I failed to inform you as I admitted to the hospital for 5 months and still taking some medicines and i hope feel better!

Based on ParanoidAndroid 2.57


  • Same Features on CyanogenMod 10
  • Faster than Stock and CyanogenMod 10!
  • Transparent Statusbar (can be set at Settings>System>Statusbar color>raise the alpha or set any color!)
  • ParanoidAndroid Wallpapers
  • RAM Optimization
  • Less RAM Usage!
  • UltraGamerHD's HadesV1 kernel!
  • More Discoveries if you wanna try!

Known Bug List

  • ParanoidAndroid Settings or Hybrid Mode is not working! :crying: (Hope I wanna fix this! :good: )
  • Camera-> Working but maybe crashes often[V2] and after pressing shutter, turns into Green Scale. However, Captured photo is not in Green Scale. So the animation makes a Green Scale and Sometimes will not Save,..,[V2]
  • Video camera-> Slowly records,[V2] and Crashes after pressing shutter. [V1]
  • Baseband Bug-> Cannot Detect SIM Card and also Signal, Possible the RIL was damaged or Unknown.,.


Thanks :good: to:
FXP for the Base CM10!
ParanoidAndroid team and Inc.!

Remind me if I forgot the others! :fingers-crossed:
and also, I need ur respect! but don't spam! :cowboy:
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Senior Member
May 29, 2016
Lapu Lapu City , Cebu
Almost 2? (I think so it's 1 and a half year) got active again to this thread. The Paranoid Android of this device isn't taken anymore by myself and I do not own this device anymore. I deeply apologize to all you guys. Kindly close this thread.
The source code of this link was changed and exactly removed.

Link for V1

Hope yah guys made even satisfied this ported rom by me, without DIY porting. As well as this project was dead anymore.
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