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Easy Guide for How to Root Verizon Galaxy Note 4 (updated links and instructions)

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Jun 29, 2011
Lewisville, Tx
you can use bitcomet for windows it can convert direct http to torrents like urlhash and burnbit they can be paused for downloading later use a friends cable internet unless your already using it
Thanks, but I haven't had that phone in about 4 years. I should say, I have not been with Verizon in that long. I've been with Sprint for a few years now, and recently sold my note 4 from them.


Apr 2, 2017
Is this thread still alive?

I'm getting ready to try this. I've read the thread and even with your amazing directions, I'm scared. But confident.
I did the check for the eMMC and it's good to go. I got all the files.

Is there still people on this thread I can ask help if I get stuck?
I was having trouble already with getting my phone go connect to my pc and after MUCH searching, I think I may have found the answer. But this particular step in your directions at beginning was barely even mentioned. As if it should be a breeze but it's been anything but lol.

I'm not dumb, I understand how to read and as long as the answers are there, I get them. But a step as simple as hooking up via USB to pc and in directions a dialog box should pop open to select MTP....but it doesn't.

I've enabled dev options on phone, checked usb debug, checked stay awake when charging.... was about to pull out hair when I think I found the answer but I won't know until I test it out at a later time, I'm wore down for now lol.
Btw....I've used Odin before too. I'm not a complete noob. But Verizon blocks ussd dialer codes too. So some of those methods others say to use, don't work for everyone. But I think I FINALLY figured out how to enable MTP on usb. I'll report back but would LOVE LOVE if someone were here to help as well. I'm so sick of VZW telling me the device is not carrier locked when it clearly is.

I REALLY hope once I can gain root access I can unlock the carrier and use my sim. I'm pretty sure this will work but with even the noob guide steps not working for me....lol. ... but I'm VERY determined and I know it can be done (read the success stories here) and I'm willing to go slowly so I don't muck it up. Assuming I can get my phone and pc talking to each other I'll continue on the steps in the guide.
Please help me if you can though this. I'm also polite and can communicate well.

I can not insert my sim into my phone without the "Not a Verizon SIM" message.
I don't care about custom roms or anything. I just want to be able to use mobile data on my phone and I can't because the sim is locked. Despite every VZW rep saying it's unlocked. I know better because I've done much research. And that research has led me to believe that I need to get root to fix my woes.
My current build is 6.0.1
Baseband ver N910VVRU2CQL1
eMMC check is good
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Apr 2, 2017
First bump in road cleared....moving forward

OK I'm back after my test. IT WORKED.
So if you can't get the phone to connect to pc, here's what I had to do.

After enabling dev option in setting menu, check USB debug, stay awake when connected, AND then scroll down to USB where it says charging. Click on it and it opens a menu where you can select MTP for USB.
Since VZW likes to block ussd dialer codes, and there was not a dialog box like the guide here said there would be.
I had to do some major searching but FINALLY found the answer and wanted to share. Maybe want to amend the guide as well. Something so simple was snagging me up at the VERY start of attempting this lol.

But now I can connect my phone to my pc and transfer files, I'm doing the back up of phone and sd card next and then plowing cautiously forward lol. I'll report back when I hit another wall :)


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Dec 2, 2020
Nexus 6
Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Be aware you can only upgrade to 5.1.1 at the moment because that is a special version of the firmware. It has the boot loader removed which is why it is called "systemonlyN910V-51.1.tar". Because the boot loader is removed you still keep TWRP and root access. If you try to flash a stock version of 5.1.1 or any other firmware you would LOSE root.
I know this is old, but on reboot it will go to maintenance boot mode. Doesn't do it from off, just on a reboot. Any advice? Verizon note 4 running havoc Android 10. BTW, it does this on all custom roms and TWRP versions.

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    | How to Root Verizon 910V Samsung Galaxy Note 4 |

    Author: Tripper511

    Created: September 2nd, 2016

    Last Updated: September 29th, 2017

    DISCLAIMER: Please do this at your own risk! I am not responsible for any damage or bricking done to phone. This should NOT trip knox or void your warranty however no promises can be made. Device can always be unrooted by flashing back to stock with Odin3. Please read all the steps first and preferably watch included videos so to be aware of what to expect. Average time to perform this should be under an hour assuming you do not run into any problems.

    Don't be overwhelmed by all the steps. I intentionally dumbed down the process to prevent any mistakes. I wrote this as I personally rooted my own device with instructions gathered from my own research as I would come across my own challenges in the rooting process. This guide was made for first timers and experts a-like. Links to all the different guides I used and additional troubleshooting information is at the bottom. I suggest you glance at it before beginning. Thank you to all the people on the internet, in the forums and YouTube who asked questions and posted answers; allowing me to unlock my device. My hope is this guide will help ease the process and shrink the learning curve of anyone who reads it.

    *If you have any problems AFTER rooting READ the TROUBLESHOOTING section at the bottom of this guide BEFORE posting any questions*​

    | Files Needed for Root |

    *Download the most recent version of DRIVERS and unzip if necessary*

    Link to .zip containing ALL THE FILES below: https://www.mediafire.com/?1hn5hzmvu3v3iqg Updated: 10/27/16

    1) KingOroot (KingRoot will also work but KingOroot seems to work better) - [This temporarily roots your phone]

    2) Minimal ADB and Fastboot v1.4 - [Allows you to place the n4-fix on your phone]

    3) samsung_unlock_n4-fix (place this file in the install directory of "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" (Usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot.)) - [Changes your CID to allow permanent root]

    4) SuperSU v2.76 (or newer) - [This allows for apps to have root access]

    5) TWRP 3.0.2 (or newer) - [Allows you to flash roms and make changes to in boot after successful root]

    6) Kies - [Allows PC to communicate with phone]

    7) SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones - [Allows PC to connect with phone]

    8) Odin3 v3.12.3 (or newer) - [Needed to flash firmware to phone from PC]

    9) systemonlyN910V-5.1.1.tar (Link is at the end of the guide) - [5.1.1 firmware without bootloader so you can keep TWRP recovery]

    10) oscar_kernel_v0.2 - [Phone OS for 5.1.1 that lets the software communicate with the hardware]

    **If you are coming from another firmware and have to change to 5.1.1 firmware than you will also need:**

    11) N910VVRU2BPA1_N910VVZW2BPA1_N910VVRU2BPA1_HOME.tar.md5 (aka 5.1.1 firmware for North American Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Link is at the end of this guide) - [This is the 5.1.1 Lollypop firmware]

    | PHASE 1 |

    - Prepping the Phone -

    | Things to do ON PHONE BEFORE using KingOroot |

    !!DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS SECTION!! A lot of people have problems because they don't first check/read these 10 prep steps!

    • Make sure you DO NOT REMOVE YOUR SIM CARD throughout this entire process!
    • Connect your device to your computer
    • Make sure the Note 4 is set for media transfer the option will be in the drop down from the top of the phone once USB is connected.
    • Copy over files from SD card (and phone if you want) to a folder on your PC just like you would with any USB stick.

    2) FORMAT SD CARD. *AFTER* backing up the card you will have to format the card through the phone in the settings under: storage > SD Card > Format SD CARD

    3) !!MAKE SURE YOU ARE RUNNING ANDROID VERSION 5.1.1.!! If you are not check the forum and video instructions in the links below to change firmware.

    4) Download NEWEST VERSIONS of all files from this guide. Best way to do this is do a google search for the file followed by "XDA". i.e. "KingRoot xda". This will bring you to the xda forum to make sure you get authentic, verified and current versions of the files.

    5) Make sure to download "eMMc Brick checker" from play store. Run it and make sure the phone CID starts with a "15". If it doesn't STOP HERE! You CANNOT root your phone!

    6) Download "Root Checker" to confirm if root was successful after running KingOroot/KingRoot/etc.

    7) Make sure "Developer Options" is open and USB debugging is enabled. You can turn it on by going to: Settings > About Phone > then tap on "Build Number" ten (10) times to unlock the option.

    8) Also make sure "Reactivation Lock" in UNCHECKED. Go to Settings > (under "Personal") Security > (and under "Find My Mobile") uncheck "Reactivation Lock"

    9) Additionally in: Settings > (under "Personal") Security, make sure "unknown sources" is checked.

    10) Finally open and run Keis and SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones to ensure the PC can communicate with the phone (this should also be done BEFORE running Odin3 if you need to change your firmware to 5.1.1).

    | PHASE 2 |

    - Rooting the Phone -

    1) Make sure you have at least 80% battery life

    2) Run KingOroot (KingRoot works too but the other one seems to be better)

    3) After program is finished run Root Checker to confirm root. (If you are using the PC version of KingOroot disconnect the phone from PC FIRST, THEN run Root Checker and proceed to step 4)

    4) Connect phone to PC .

    5) Place the file "samsung_unlock_n4_fix" in the same folder "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" is installed (make sure the program is installed first)

    *Before proceeding to step 6 it is suggested you copy ALL of step 6 into a notepad. You will need to copy and paste these line into the command prompt because if you take too long to input the script then the phone will reset before you're finished causing you to have to redo steps 2 - 4.*

    6) Run "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" and type in (or preferably copy and paste) these lines one by one, pressing "enter" after each line (if after typing the first line and it says "List of devices attached 123a12ab offline" refer to troubleshooting section below):

    Scroll down through the code. There are eight (8) lines!
    adb devices 
    adb push samsung_unlock_n4-fix /data/local/tmp/
    adb shell
    cd /data/local/tmp
    chmod 777 samsung_unlock_n4-fix
    chown root.root samsung_unlock_n4-fix
    7) The command window will now display this:
    [+] CID at boot time is/was: 1501xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    [+] device not yet dev CID, now changing to dev CID
    [+] programming new CID 150100523231384d4100657e54fc1200
    [+] success! powering off device, power back on and verify CID
    [+] then run this binary again to finish the process
    8) Allow device to reboot. After full reboot, power down and pull battery.

    9) After restarting do steps 2 through 6 again.

    10) This time you will get a message in the command prompt that will say:
    [+] CID at boot time is/was: 150100523231384d4100657e54fc1200
    [+] dev CID matching, proceding to unlock
    [+] backing up loaders, this will take a few minutes
    [+] loaders successfully backed up
    [+] success! powering off device, hopefully its not bricked.
    11) Once device is powered down it should go into a boot loop.

    12) Pull the battery and SD card. Then place battery back in.

    13) Turn phone back on while holding [Volume Down + Home Button + Power Button].

    14) You should enter recover mode, when you see the android guy in the top left of the screen will be some text. The third to last line should be gray and say "MODE: Developer" The following line will be blue and say "SECURE DOWNLOAD : ENABLE".

    *If you do not see this repeat steps 2 - 6 again*

    15) If you made it this far you are ready for PHASE 3 :fingers-crossed:

    | PHASE 3 |

    - Rooted Boot Menu -

    16) While still on the screen showing the android guy with the word "DOWNLOADING..." beneath it, connect phone to PC and open up Odin3 on PC.

    17) In Odin3 look at message box on the lower left of the screen. It should have a message saying "Added!" On the top left under "ID:COM" there should be a blue box that says "[0:COM#]" (the # will be a single digit number).

    18) Click on the button that says "AP" on the right.

    19) Browse to and select: twrp-3.0.2-0-trltevzw.tar.md5 (yours might be different if you have a newer version) *IMPORTANT!* TRIPLE CHECK that you are choosing the right TWRP file!! If you have more then one on your PC you will mess up your phone by flashing the wrong one.

    20) Select the "options" tab in Odin3

    21) In the "options" tab UNCHECK "auto reboot". Make sure all other boxes are UNCHECKED EXCEPT for "F. Rest Time".

    22) Click the "Start" button.

    23) If successful you should see a green box that says "PASS!" in the upper left of the Odin3 user interface.

    24) Disconnect the phone from the PC.

    *READ THESE NEXT FEW STEPS CAREFULLY! They require some quick timing in order to not miss the window to access recovery mode*

    25) While the phone still shows the green android guy (but now with a complete progress bar underneath) place phone into TWRP Recovery Mode. This is done by holding: [Power + Volume Down] simultaneously. You will have to hold it for about 5 seconds. Release the POWER BUTTON and then the VOLUME DOWN button when you see the "Maintenance Boot Mode" screen appear.

    26) Using the Volume Rocker press VOLUME DOWN and highlight "Power Down : Turn off your device". Press the HOME BUTTON to select it.

    27) AS SOON AS THE SCREEN GOES BLACK hold: [Power Button + Volume Up + Home Key] simultaneously. AS SOON AS YOU SEE WRITING IN THE TOP LEFT OF THE SCREEN release the POWER BUTTON and hold [Volume Up + Home Button] simultaneously.

    28) You should now see the splash screen for TWRP Recovery Mode. *If it asks you if you want to go into "Read Only Mode" DO NOT SELECT IT!

    29) At this point make sure your SD Card is inserted (if not it's okay to put it in while the phone is in this mode).

    30) In the TWRP menu tap the "Wipe" button then "Advanced Wipe" and check "Micro SDCard". Then slide the option to wipe the SD Card.

    31) After the wipe is complete press the little "Home" button in the middle of the bottom of the screen.

    32) Open the back of the phone and remove the SD card.

    | PHASE 4 |

    - Home Stretch, Installing "System Only" Firmware -

    33) Back at the TWRP home screen tap "Reboot" then "Download". You will now be back on the screen with the green android guy.

    34) Connect phone to computer while phone is still showing green android guy with the word "Downloading..." under it.

    35) Once phone is connected to the PC open Odin3.

    36) Using Odin3 click the "AP" button and select the "systemonlyN910V-5.1.1.tar" file. Then click "Start" to flash the firmware. *IMPORTANT!* TRIPLE CHECK that you are choosing the right .tar file!! If you flash the wrong one you will lose root and have to start all over again. :mad:

    37) After flash is complete TWRP might ask if you want to install "Super SU" now. Say NO and let the phone reboot. (This is important! A lot of guides forget to mention that you need to NOT INSTALL Super SU this way!)

    38) Now with the phone still connected to the PC open the phone up like you would a USB drive and copy over "oscar_kernel_v0.2.zip" and "UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.76-20160630161323.zip" to the "PHONE" NOT THE SD CARD!

    39) Reboot the phone into TWRP by holding: [Volume Up + Home Button], then select install. From there you can navigate the phones memory and click on the "kernel" zip file first to install it by swiping to install (ONLY INSTALL ONE AT A TIME). Then press the back key on the screen and install the "supersu" file.

    40) Finally reboot the system.

    41) Once you reboot you should see a new boot screen with an unlocked lock symbol along with a message in red on top saying: "Kernel is not SEANDROID ENFORCING" and below in yellow stating: "set warranty bit : Kernel". If you do not see this then it is a sign you might have missed a step.

    42) Once booted up open the app SuperSU in the app drawer. Allow it to give the appropriate apps root permission.

    43) Open Root Checker to confirm root.

    ************* :victory: !!CONGRATULATIONS YOU'RE ROOTED!! :victory: *************

    *At this point you should reboot back into TWRP and MAKE A FULL BACK UP of the phone. Then copy the backup to your computer. In case you make any mistakes messing around with ROMs and root programs, you will always be able to come back here without having to redo this process.* I also suggest you download Titanium Backup as one of the first root apps you get. It will allow you to back up all apps and settings.


    Q: After rooting my WiFi isn't working.

    A: Some people are having issues with the incorrect modem driver being installed during root. If you are having this problem you can flash over JUST THE MODEM DRIVER to your phone. This can be done AFTER rooting. There is no need to repeat the whole process over. This is done by connecting your phone to your PC and using ODIN to flash over the correct modem driver. For the Verizon phone the BPA1 driver is the correct one, try flashing this one first. If you have a refurbished phone it's possible you have a different modem installed. I have also included the link to all the other types of modem drivers below.

    Link for BPA1 Modem Driver: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24411628330026133
    Link for ALL Modem Drivers: https://forum.xda-developers.com/no...mware-firmware-kernel-modem-recovery-t2942937

    Q: I can't see my SIM card and/or can't see anything in my rooted phone's Service Menu.

    A: For anyone who can't see their SIM card AND can't see anything in their rooted phone's Service Menu I found the solution for both problems after putting together tidbits from many threads here on XDA and elsewhere. The directions in the OP install mostly BPA1 Rom firmware but leave some BOG5 firmware. I updated the BOG5 modem to BPA1 modem firmware (with Odin) and the IMEI came back to the original sticker IMEI, the CSC and phone # and ability to see the SIM card returned. In the process of trying to solve this problem I found the hidden Service Menu could not be seen. After flashing the BPA1 modem the Service Menu also reappeared. Click here for post with a more detailed solution.[Answer submitted by: droidzer1]

    Q: I'm stuck in a bootloop from flashing to 5.1.1 firmware and/or can't get out of bootloop by pulling the battery.

    A: If stuck in bootloop go into recovery mode (*pull battery and then turn back on while holding [Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button]) and choose full to wipe cache and full factory reset (WARNING THIS WILL ERASE ALL YOUR DATA but it will save your phone. Use as LAST resort!).

    Q: I'm stuck in a bootloop after installing TWRP.

    A: Return back to TWRP by pulling the battery then reinserting it. Power back up the phone by holding [Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button]. When the writing appears in the upper left release the power button while still holding [Volume Up + Power Button]. This will bring you back to TWRP. At this point make sure your SD Card has been wiped (formatted to FAT32). Try removing the SD Card and reinstalling "systemonlyN910V-5.1.1.tar" with Odin3.

    After you have reinstalled the firmware make sure you don't let TWRP install SuperSU automatically. You will only do this manually as stated in step 39.

    Q: My phone crashed, I don't know what to do and nothing else is working.

    A: Pull your battery and start phone back up holding: [Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button]. If TWRP is still on phone then go to "Reboot" then "Download". Connect your phone to the PC. Open Odin3 on the PC and flash a REGULAR STOCK firmware onto phone (links located below). This will revert it back to stock with everything it needs.

    Q: After typing: "adb device" (without quotations) in the command prompt it says "offline" or nothing appears under "devices".

    • Check that you are using newest version of adb. Older version might not work.
    • First make sure you are connected to the PC.
    • Try a different USB cable.
    • Try plugging into a different USB port.
    • Close and reopen a fresh instance of ADP then type:

      adb kill-server
      Then press ENTER and type:

      adb start-server
      Press ENTER again

      Next uncheck then recheck USB Debugging which is located in Settings > Developer Mode. Finally type:
      adb device
      it should now be online.

    | ADB SCRIPT |

    Scroll down through the code. There are eight (8) lines!
    adb devices 
    adb push samsung_unlock_n4-fix /data/local/tmp/
    adb shell
    cd /data/local/tmp
    chmod 777 samsung_unlock_n4-fix
    chown root.root samsung_unlock_n4-fix

    | To Access Service Mode: |

    Service Mode is a special phone mode that will allow you to diagnose and review the settings in your phone. If you are having any issues (or are just curious) this method will allow you to review the internals of your phone.

    DIAL this number into your keypad then press SEND:


    | To Access Recovery Mode: |

    1. Power down device (remove battery if necessary).
    2. Turn back on WHILE HOLDING: [Volume Up + Home Button + Power button]. Then release the POWER BUTTON and hold [Volume Up + Home Button] simultaneously.

    | Video Instructions on How to Root Verizon Note 4 |


    Max Lee

    | Forum on How to Root Verizon Note 4 |


    | Max Lee's Note 4 Root Guide with Pictures |


    | KingRoot XDA Forum |


    | Video on How to Downgrade Firmware |


    | Link to Firmwares and Instructions |

    Full Firmwares -


    "System Only" 5.1.1 Firmware -


    *Thank you to all of the developers and hobbyists who helped make this possible*
    Okay, here's what I did to get it to finally root:
    In Phase 2, step 4 when it says connect phone to PC, I naturally thought it should be disconnected when running KingORoot, otherwise, why would you have to connect it to PC if it was already connected? So, I ignored step 4 and kept the phone connected to the PC while running KingORoot.
    what if i,m in 6.0.1?
    I had 6.0.1 too. Just download the 5.1.1 firmware (located in the included zip file or from the xda forum link in the bottom) and use odin3 to flash back to 5.1.1. Just be aware that you will lose all your data so do a back up first.
    First of all thanks Tripper551 for the guide:good:, I followed it and could get permanent root on my device. The most difficult part was getting temporary root, I tried several times with KingRoot app on the device but it hanged so badly, I tried re installing the firmware by Odin but anyway the result was the same. I re install the firm again to have a clean install and try with KingoRoot on the pc and that´s where I could continue with the guide.
    Now that I have root, my question is... I have SuperSu app from the latest steps and also "SuperUser", "KingLink" and "SuperBattery" from temp root with KingoRoot:eek:. Can I uninstall these 3 apps or I have to keep them to avoid losing root? Also having SuperSu and SuperUser makes me think that it can cause conflict.

    Would be great if you could tell me what to do now

    ps: After all of this I want to make a full rom bkp, I will look for a guide but do you recommed one ?

    Regards :)

    All you need is SuperSu, you can uninstall the rest. Once you have the phone setup the way you want bot into TWRP recovery mode (Home button + Vol Up) and then select back up to make a backup file of all your setting on your SD card. I suggest you then copy that file to your PC.
    Is there another way to download files.. 7 hrs to download one is a bit looooooooooooong

    Yeah I know, I'm sorry about that but that website is the only one I could find that would host a 4 GB file for free. If you know of another site please let me know and I'll upload it there. Also if you want me to place it in a google drive account or Dropbox that you have I'd be happy to do that too (unfortunately I don't have enough room in my own). If you'd be willing to share it with the community even better!

    Alternatively almost everyone of the files can be found separately online by googling the name. Most are on the xda forum. Any that are not have a description next to it and can be found in one of the video tutorials or forums from the link at the bottom of the guide.