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Nov 19, 2012
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Unfortunately the latest version of kingroot(v5.2.0.20170711) is not compatible with my device: xperia Z2 D6543 android 6.0.1 FW .291 - Any other suggestion? Maybe I can downgrade it to an earlier version and try again?

I would not use Kingroot!

Use this instead:

Please look in Z2 forums here on XDA as well next time.


Aug 26, 2017
I would not use Kingroot!

Use this instead:

Please look in Z2 forums here on XDA as well next time.

Hey fluffi, thanks for pointing out to that thread. I have actually read it before but it was not clear to me of I had to backup TA before doing that, so I gave up using that method.
But it seems then that is actually the best way to get TA recovery and root on a stock D6543 on .291.

I'm gonna give that a try and let you know how it went.



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Nov 13, 2012
Exactly, subscribing here to see future updates from you.
BTW, did you by any chance figured out how to make it work for you?

Hey sorry for the late reply but yes I made it work but only because I wanted to install a custom rom anyways.

Check this steps. I obtained root with fully working good battery lasting custom rom:

what helped me get there:

1. install stock 5.1.1. with sony companion
2. install KingRoot and let it obtain root
3. download NUT Recovery from homepage and run the install.bat on a windows machine, select the first option (Install it on a xperia device with SuperSU)
4. grand ADB root priveliges in KingRoot (since SuperSU is not installed and I wasn't able to exchange KingRoot for SuperSU)
5. as soon as Nut Recovery is installed I was able to go into TWRP and install the ROM according to instructions in first post

Bootloader still locked =)

You can find further information in the rom's respective thread:


Hope this helps
As for your question: I never tried stock 5.1.1. With root but I suggest it will have worse battery then the linked custom rom


Feb 24, 2015
Not working, showing error.
Error screenshot attached.


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May 30, 2014
= =
= Easy Root Tool v12 =
= Supports various Xperia devices =
= created by zxz0O0 =
= =
= http://forum.xda-developers.com/ =
= showthread.php?p=53448680 =
= =
= Many thanks to: =
= - [NUT] =
= - geohot =
= - MohammadAG =
= - cubeundcube =
= - nhnt11 =
= - xsacha =
= =

Sistem belirtilen yolu bulamıyor.(system cant find specif. way(?)
tr.apk not found. Trying to download from
'curl' iç ya da dış komut, çalıştırılabilir (curl.exe is not executable)=???
program ya da toplu iş dosyası olarak tanınmıyor.

Error downloading tr.apk with curl
Please download towelroot from https://towelroot.com
and save it as tr.apk in folder files/

If you still have problems, please disable
your Antivirus and try again
Devam etmek için bir tuşa basın . . .

i downloaded, rename it to "tr.apk" and disabled nod32 AV but stil dont work hats problem ???
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Mar 28, 2015
The link is dead? I cannot download it.

Never mind. Found the download from github.
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    This is Easy Root Tool for various Xperia devices (first developed for Z1 Compact). It's almost one-click root. The tool should work on Windows, Linux and Mac. Bootloader is untouched! No data is being wiped.

    Note: Does not work on latest firmwares of most devices. Check your device forum for a work around (you should be able to flash kernel of old firmware to root and then flash back latest kernel).

    What you get
    • Root
    • Access to /system rw

    • USB debugging enabled
      Settings => About phone => Click 7 times on Android Build to unlock developer options
    • Unknown sources enabled
      Settings => Security
    • adb drivers installed

    How to use
    1. Download the attachment (latest version) and extract it
    2. Start your device and plug it to your computer
    3. Run install.bat and follow the instructions on screen
    4. Congratulations! You should now be rooted.
      Don't forget to make a donation

    What can you do next

    Confirmed devices
    • A2 - SO-04F
    • Z - C6603
    • Z Tablet - SGP311
    • Z Ultra - C6802, C6806 (reported not working on latest GPE), C6833
    • Z1 - C6903, C6906, C6943, SO-01F
    • Z1 Compact - D5503, SO-02F
    • Z2 - D6503, D6543, SO-03F
    • Z2 Tablet - SGP511, SGP512, SGP521
    • ZL2 - SOL25
    • ZR, C5502
    • maybe others?

    Download v12.4

    Thanks to
    • geohot: Root exploit
    • MohammadAG: Disable RIC kernel module (Link)
    • cubeundcube: Disable RIC with findricaddr/writekmem (kmem devices)
    • [NUT]: Great guy and used some of his scripts as base, testing new builds, helping during development
    • nhnt11: Fixing mac script and creating hacked mount to disable RIC at boot
    • xsacha: Manual ric scanner for 4.3 devices since findricaddr does not work there (kmem devices)
    • Androxyde: Disable RIC on Xperia Z
    • DooMLoRD: Used his idea of hacking chargemon (old versions of Easy Root Tool)


    • v12
      • change kernelmodule_patch.sh
      • fix osx script error (different output of cut)
      • add message "authorize connection"
      • Fixed error in kernelmodule patcher (v12.1)
      • Fixed 2 errors in linux script (thanks i-ekho) (v12.2)
      • Copy kernel module to system partition (v12.3)
      • Fix error in mac script (quote basedir path) (v12.3)
      • Fix linux unzipping (thanks luzemario) (v12.4)
    • v11 (17129 downloads)
      • fix towelzxperia_ert
      • add crc patcher for kernel module
      • add compatibility for newer z2 firmware
      • clean up scripts
    • v10 (5797 downloads)
      • Improve scripts
      • Add some more logging
      • Created binary to call libexploit (no more pressing "make it rain")
    • v9 (10636 downloads)
      • Add device selector if there are multiple adb devices
      • Add compatibility for Xperia Z (thanks [NUT] & Androxyde)
      • Make it work with new towelroot (https)
    • v8 (23320 downloads)
      • Fix errors in shell script
    • v7 (11960 downloads)
      • Update to geohot's towelroot v3
      • Fix kernelmodule_patch script
    • v6 (3755 downloads)
      • Fix root checking
      • findricaddr does not work on 4.3 -> use manual method by xsacha (thanks tester Alucarde)
      • Add patching for kernel module vermagic
    • v5 (11341 downloads)
      • Fix batch escaping (thanks [NUT])
      • Use geohot's towelroot v2 (no more reboot)
      • Add some more logging
    • v4 (4790 downloads)
      • Fix mac version (install.sh) (thanks nhnt11 for pointing out errors)
      • Check if kmem device exist (don't rely on hardcoded device models)
      • Added source code of findricaddr and writekmem (thanks RyokoN)
      • Automatically download tr.apk by curl (thanks [NUT] for idea)
      • Use hacked mount to disable ric at boot instead of chargemon for kmem devices (idea and code by nhnt11)
    • v3 (6178 downloads)
      • Fix batch syntax error (thanks Kent_XRS)
      • Forgot the mention DooMLoRD in install.bat (apologize to him)
      • Don't use static address for ric patching on Z2 (thanks DooMLoRD for tip) (credits to cubeundcube for findricaddr)
    • v2 (2279 downloads)
      • Add linux script
      • Add compatibility for Z2 phone
      • Add md5 check for tr_signed.apk
      • Uninstall towelroot before installing modified version
    • v1 (7557 downloads)
      • Initial release

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Easy Root Tool for various Xperia devices, Tool/Utility for the Sony Xperia Z1

    zxz0O0, [NUT]

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2014-07-23
    Last Updated 2014-11-22
    I have an error/question!
    But i'ts impossible to update Super SU binary :/

    Did you use the SuperSU from market? Because it's a known issue this SuperSU can not update binary. Use latest one from here: http://download.chainfire.eu/447/SuperSU/UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.99r4.zip

    it seem it was not rooted !!!!

    What do you mean? Did you check with Root check app? What is the output of install.bat?
    Thanks for this.
    But not working :/

    After rebooting my device, i try another to root and it's work.


    But i'ts impossible to update Super SU binary :/