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Apr 4, 2020
I have android 10 galaxy S10P and my car is Hyundai azera 2014 can i connect my phone to the head unit ?
The head unit OS is WINCE 5


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May 10, 2010
I have tried a lot of versions of easyconnect on my wince head unit with no success .
Yesterday I bought a cheap chinese mp5 player (OEM 4038UM) for my wife's car. This Mp5 player haswince operating system with mirrorlink function and when I connected my android phone via USB cable, it works fine without needs to install any program to my phone.
Does anyone know where to find this wince app?


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May 28, 2020
Hola,al final lo conseguisteis con sync2?

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Yo no tengo navegador de serie del Ford Focus con sync2.si alguien es tan amable de decirme qué pasos y que archivos necesito para meterlos por USB? gracias


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Jul 21, 2006
Hi folk, I copied easy connected package to my hyundai hu running wince 7.0 and connect my android 9.0 phone but nothing happen. Any suggestion please. IMG_20200602_213352.jpg

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Nov 10, 2013
evening all i manage to get it running on galaxy s10 android 10. its running not bad on my esprone unit. only problem i got app in asian. i attach files that i used. i hope its help.


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Jan 1, 2021
evening all i manage to get it running on galaxy s10 android 10. its running not bad on my esprone unit. only problem i got app in asian. i attach files that i used. i hope its help.
Hi, thanks for the attachment. Just a question, there is an apk and exe installation folder. The apk is for the head unit, is that rigth? The only probkem is that everything appears in chinese... But what is the exe folder for? Thanks!


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Nov 10, 2013
Thanks for your answer! Then I understand the folder is for a HeadUnit with WinCE. Could you share the apk for the HeadUnit with Android, please? In English and for Android 10, please :)
Sorry m8 I got nothing. What i uploaded is my best effort i not developer just helpful user. Maybe some geniuses on forum can translate it.

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    I've found this interesting piece of software:


    It allows screen mirroring from Android to Windows CE unit, through USB cable.

    There's also old versions on the Internet., mainly on Baidu. I could use it without any problems in my OEM Hyundai Headunit (Windows CE).
    How did you install it
    Hi, my unit says there is no valid map found. Help please on how you installed it. Wonce. Thanks
    1# Download necessary files.
    2# Unmount car multimedia SD car from double din
    3# Connect to PC and install easy connect.exe to micro SD main path
    4# Remount SD card to car multimedia
    5# Entry options/ preference and find navigator options and select easyconnect exe. in car multimedia
    6#Start navigation and viala....

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    Compatibility with Android 8.1

    Did anybody try to use this app with Android 8.1 ? For me it stopped working after Android update

    i've install ECSetup_4.4.32.1.zip on a Kia Sportage 2016... It's run in japan (or chines) languages. How to change langages ?

    And i've try to connect samsung SGS5 7 and 8 with usb debugging mode, but these phone only show share file (en top of phone)...
    (cable problem ?)

    an idea ? there is a software to install on phone ?

    Hello my friend.
    First of all, as like said before this app is very sensitive with the cable... so you must use an cable at least equivalent with factory specifications, or in other words: do not use cheap cables or it won’t work.
    Secondly, you must have internet connection available in the phone because first time connection lead you to a QR CODE that is the apk link from carbit (about 65mb). You have to use the software they provide to work.
    Thirdly, as far as I know the latest version is only in Chinese, I didn’t found a way to change language. (TIP: google translate app can do simultaneous translation using your camera -chinese to English-)
    And last... once you have enabled usb debbugin there is no much more to do, things should work without any further options needed...
    my Unit Roadrover i9 screen 8" wince 6.0 shell 3.08.1
    samsung S7 Android 7.0
    is work connection, but dont listen audio
    bluetooth fone and Unit pair

    anybody get change language (ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE)

    Open with winzip the file language.zip (without extract), right clic and delete file res_lang_CNH.xml and rename file res_lang_EN.xml as res_lang_CNH.xml. Save the file rewriting the original language.zip.
    And someone know teh password od zips?