[EDITED]Touch Inaccuracy And Lag While Using Keyboard, PUBG, Modern Combat And Others

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Sep 18, 2017
Anyone with NVT panel facing issues,cause I do face it casually in only pubg but i think it's due to my large fingers anyway the touch has improved much that I can tell.


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Jun 9, 2018
Poco touch issue

I tried everything. Used the beta version. Tried hard reseting the phone but nothing worked. Nothing I said. I returned my phone and suggest you people to do the same. Its a hardware issue for sure and changing the display is the only solution.


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Jul 24, 2019
After having this phone since launch and following its touch issues ever since, the latest (PEJMIXM) update finally fixed all of the problems that I had for so long for some reason, that means including the bouncy movement when aiming in PUBG.
Tons of people have also already confirmed it fixed it for them on the Pocophone's reddit page for this update.

Not saying its a garantee of a fix for you or other people, but it sure did it for me.
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Apr 2, 2012
in my case,the only solution was to clean flash miui 9 global stable fastboot rom (thru miflash)....dumping twrp,root,dfe and the damned pubg.....no touch issues so far(fornite, mc5 running fine)....which prooves its not a hardware issue(at least in my case).


This is my 3 pocophone
Befor i sold it and get Nokia 7 plus
Sold it and get another pocophone
Sold it again and get lg g7 don't like the update very slow
Sold it and get pocophone and never seen any lag or touch problem can anyone explain what's this problem
Sorry for my English


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Feb 19, 2016
Quezon City
After MIUI 10.3.6 update, touch latency, multitouch, screen edges of Poco/Pocophone F1 now fixed more responsive than MIUI 10.3.5 so i play realdrum smoothly and you can never play Realdrum on MIUI 9x to MIUI 10.3.5

So i advice to update your device to most recent update
MIUI 10.3.6


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Jan 8, 2021
2021 now the touch issues are on every single poco f1 . I tested 6 random poco devices and confirmed that. The touch inaccuracy ,latency, ghosts touch is not fixed yet on miui 12.0.3
How ever custom ROM with different touch drivers shows different result so clearly its a software problem which will never be fixed in miui 500% guaranteed. strongly recommend everyone not to buy any xaomi devices (TV,phone,earphones,anything)
Let's boycott them.
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Shivam anan

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Oct 9, 2019
Moto G5 Plus
Xiaomi Poco F1
So the problem is that whenever I touch the notch in-game (PUBG) the screen stops working.
So after a lot of research I came up with a plan to solve this problem. Here is what I did and it literally solved almost 90% of my problem.
So there is this app called partial screen. It's an overlay app. What it basically does is it block touch from certain area of screen. My phone is rooted and I am running on Corvus Os 5.0. Now Installed a module called "Notch Killer" what it basically does is it forces apps to go beyond the notch so we can disable the screen beyond the notch which in general was not possible. Installation of this module has itself has complications. You have to manually install it and not from the magisk manager. Also it comes up with the name "DOUBLE CORNER CUTOUT" in developer option. After I had done setting up. I played and there was no major issue. Feel free if you have doubts.

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    NOTE: This Post Was Edited To Contain Latest Information

    The Problem:

    1. While playing any game that uses multitouch i.e. there are two regions on the screen:
      i. Joystick area - with which the character moves.
      ii. Aiming area - with which you change camera angle and aim at the enemies.
    2. When you try to aim while moving, the crosshair is inaccurate and doesn't stops where it should but a little left or right off where you wanted it to stop. Due to this issue, the game feels like having frame drops.
    3. If you will type too fast there will be a lot of mistakes in typing try typing some words on the keyboard on the extreme of screen, like "que", it shows 'uqe' or something else, the keyboard can't recognize fastly typing words.
    4. Problem in zooming in and out, the touch behaves wierdly.

    Many people have made videos regarding this, please see the following videos:

    PUBG Bad Aiming
    Zooming in problem while playing Clash of Clans
    Multitouch Issue On Poco F1 Running On MIUI10 Mi8 ROM
    Multitouch Issue On Poco F1 Running On Android 9 Pixel Experience ROM

    What Have I Done Till Now:

    I have replaced the product and the problems are still there, that means that the problem exists in almost all the devices. I have tweeted them, mailed them and tried everything but Xiaomi or Poco is not even bulding, they have stopped responding to any complaint regarding the device. Do you know what to do when a company doesn't even reply to your queries? you boycott them!

    UPDATE: Sold the device and bought Nokia 7 Plus.

    Report this issue if you have it too:

    If you have the same issue, please report this.
    This issue exists in all the firmwares : 9.6.11 -9.6.18
    I have posted this everywhere and seems like a lot of people have this issue, Xiaomi is not responding. This is a fraud if they say/do nothing for this.

    This is not the 3 Finger Screenshot Issue:

    Sorry to burst your bubble but this is not the Ghost touch problem, if you have ghost touch problem, it can be solved by disabling this screenshot feature, but the problem for which the thread is made is totally different.
    How to solve the "ghost touch" issue for now: https://forum.xda-developers.com/poco-f1/how-to/fix-multi-touch-ghost-touch-issue-t3837453

    Why am I writing about this everywhere?:

    Redmi note 5 and Redmi Note 5 Pro which were launched a lot of months ago still have this issue and Xiaomi is not responding to them when the problem will be fixed and they are just ignoring the users. If you think I am lying, just search for "Redmi Note 5 Multitouch issue" and you will get your answer.

    Xiaomi has done this with us before:

    Last time they did something like this was the launch of Mi4i, ask any Mi4i user, how they launched the device as a Flagship and later they pulled all the support for the device and made it so bad on the software front that it was rendered useless after just 1 year of use.

    If this problem exists in all the units then they probably used cheap hardware on all the units except the armored edition that was sent for review or they probably ordered touchscreen digitizer from multiple companies some from good companies and some from 3rd class companies and randomly used it because these kinds of issues in a day old phone is not possible.

    Update (November 28 2018):
    Few users are saying that the touch is slightly improved in latest 8.11.23 beta. Slight improvement 'technically' means that the changes are being done on software and the hardware still suffers from the problem, result of this:
    1. Problem will never be fixed completely, there will be slight or may be a noticeable remnant of the issue in some form.
    2. Xiaomi will someday break the code and everyone will suffer with the problem again.
    3. Fix will not be available for custom ROMS, unless someone manages to port it, Xiaomi is lazy enough to not provide the fixes.

    But the people on the Xiaomi forums are complaining that the touch has become terrible after the update: http://en.miui.com/thread-4687147-1-1.html
    Don't know who is speaking the truth.

    Bug Report: http://en.miui.com/thread-3746297-1-1.html
    70+ Users have Confirmed

    Poll: http://en.miui.com/thread-3796182-1-1.html
    995/1637 Voters Confirmed the Problem, mostly Indians​

    This is a direct allegation on Xiaomi! All Affected units were exported to other countries , mostly to India.
    Good news everyone. Apparently the firmware patch is coming and it's going to fix the touch lag and scrolling. If it's true, then yay, I guess. We've had too many deceivers already saying it's been fixed by updating the ROM/changing the region/other bullcrap... But this somehow seems legit. Take a look:
    Make sure to read the whole thread, there is a lot of information from the OP.
    Touch issue poco f1

    Casual gamer wont notice this type of issue.. Im getting freuquent frame drop in gaming. And Aiming is not smooth in PUBG, its jerky and there is ghost/multi touch issue.. I have notice this frame drop and touch issues in pubg and mobile legends but this issue will be there in everything you do with the phone because the issue is in the touch itself.. It just that the issue is more noticeable in games. In normal usage you might not notice Or you may when scrolling... Also sometimes the touch doesn't respond for short period of time. This phone is good only for camera and other normal usage.. Not for Gaming really. Poco team need to take this issue seriously and fixed it at the earliest or at least confirm that its a hardware issue.
    People often don't know what they're talking about. This problems occurs on a lot of srmartphones on the past and it was solved by silent firmware updates (Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus and others)

    I'm glad to see that Xiaomi now how to fix this problem. Things are better on MIUI 10, but not fixed.

    A lot of phones that had the issue, still has the issue because of cheap panels those who don't have it just needed an update.

    Phones like Samsung, Asus, Huawei,MiA1,Pixel and others had the same problem but only after 8.1 upgrade that brought the bug, the problem was publicized in the case of Asus and Pixel and Google fixed the problem in the next month's security patch (it was scheduled to be fixed after 2 months but they worked it out before the given time) Asus took a lot of time (about 3 months) to fix it and MiA1 had the problem fixed before a lot of people could notice. Huawei/Honor also fixed the problem, Samsung never had any considerable latency given that they use good panels even in their mid range devices. Most of these devices suffered because of issue in Android and not in hardware. Multitouch issues were present in a lot of 'OLD' (seriously old) devices and would have gone un noticed if PUBG didn't require consistent usage of the function.

    The case of Poco (and other MIUI based redmi devices) is different, even the phone while running on P which doesn't have any issue with touch shows the discrepancies, and the developers just managed to reduce the problem but were not able to solve it that clearly means the defect is not in the software, I can say that because Mi8 doesn't have the problem despite running MIUI.
    I have MiA2 and it doesn't have any such touch issue but a lot of people with different panel are complaining about the touch issue. Redmi 3/4/5 all suffer from the same problem.
    8.11.23 china rom or eu pls?

    Try the miui eu 8.11.23. It's awesome!!!