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Sep 15, 2007
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This thread is seriously a dumpster fire but thanks for the explanation about what Shamiko is. I switched to it instead of enforcing denylist and now I can use the disable secure flag module to allow me to screenshot banking apps without them then detecting root! This was one of my biggest complaints about Android since I was on iPhone for a few years and could screenshot anything so I'm very happy that has been fixed now!

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    Ok. Now I understood the main difference between Enforce DenyList & Shamiko. The DenyList makes the Magisk/Zygisk/Lsposed to not run in the selected apps while the Shamiko ONLY the Magisk/Zygisk to not run in the selected apps. And my question is where the Shamiko can be usefull ? ONLY in Lsposed Modules which requires Magisk/Zygisk to not be run. Do you really have some Lsposed Module which you want to not Magisk/zygisk to run ? For this reason I asked you from the beginning to tell me some example so that to understand the usefulness of Shamiko. The banking apps & other similar apps which many of them requires Magisk/Zygisk to not run are NOT Lsposed modules which means that either you use the Enforce DenyList or either you use the Shamiko is the same thing.
    Shamiko is a magisk module, it hides root, magisk, zygisk and lsposed from apps on magisk denylist.
    Enforce denylist is just a magisk option, it does NOT hide root, magisk, zygisk or anything, it just doesn't apply magisk to the app, so magisk keeps traceable and detectable.
    Banking apps can detect root and magisk even using enforce denylist.
    @topjohnwu will not work on hiding root/magisk/zygisk no more.

    Enforce denylist and Shamiko are TOTALLY different.
    Enforce denylist and Shamiko are NOT same.
    Enforce denylist and Shamiko are NOT similar.
    Enforce denylist and Shamiko are NOT compatible.

    Enforce denylist PREVENTS magisk of running.
    Enforce denylist PREVENTS zygisk of running.
    Enforce denylist PREVENTS lsposed of running.
    Enforce denylist PREVENTS shamiko of running.

    Enforce denylist KEEPS magisk traceable and detectable.
    Enforce denylist KEEPS zygisk traceable and detectable.
    Enforce denylist KEEPS lsposed traceable and detectable.

    Enforce denylist is NOT the successor of magiskhide.
    Enforce denylist is NOT the replace magiskhide.

    Shamiko does NOT prevent magisk of running.
    Shamiko does NOT prevent zygisk of running.
    Shamiko does NOT prevent lsposed of running.

    Shamiko REQUIRES magisk running.
    Shamiko REQUIRES zygisk running.
    Shamiko REQUIRES disabled enforce denylist.
    Shamiko does NOT require lsposed running.
    Shamiko does NOT fix safetynet.

    Shamiko makes magisk UNTRACEABLE and UNDETECTABLE.
    Shamiko makes zygisk UNTRACEABLE and UNDETECTABLE.
    Shamiko makes lsposed UNTRACEABLE and UNDETECTABLE.

    As @topjohnwu said, there are others ways for hiding magisk and root MUCH MUCH BETTER than the deprecated magiskhide.
    Shamiko is one MUCH MUCH BETER than the deprecated magiskhide and the new enforce denylist.

    If you want to hide something else, certainly you should try XPrivacyLua:
    LSPosed is not a good choice for Xposed: from the software itself, module scopes and Xposed Hide (White) were designed as advanced features for advanced users only, and forcing them to be enabled is abusive and will increase the learning cost for users, increase the cost for module developers, break the functionality of global modules, and make modules much less compatible. On the developer level, the LSPosed development team has been suppressing and abusing other Xposed implementations and their developers since the project's inception, attacking third-party ROM developers with web violence, and committing community divisive acts like this; one of the development team members submitted rm -rf /* malicious code to EdXposed, which was responsible for emptying CI user data. The culprit has no credibility.
    Finally, LSPosed is fully refactored to LSPlant !
    LSPlant is the new ART hook framework for LSPosed !
    I've updated LSPosed to v1.8.0 and everything is working perfectly using Magisk v24.3 :cool:

    LSPosed v1.8.0
    - Add a new feature to only allow module classloaders to access Xposed API
    - Fix language switch
    - Support Android 13 DP1 and DP2
    - Fix icon creation and resource hooks on ZUI devices
    - Improve cache performance in XposedHelpers (Thanks @RinOrz)
    - Fix parasitic manager in Android 8.1
    - Fix module deactivation after reboot in rare cases
    - Fix resource cache since Android 11
    - Fix the first invoke invalid of hooked static methods since Android 12
    - Refactor to use LSPlant as ART hook framework
    Xposed is for ADVANCED USERS only !!!!
    Xposed is not a play for kids.
    I agree with you about the difficulty for developers, but well, the future is here.
    And we will not accept to remain in the past.
    Long Life to LSPosed ♥️
    But, we love EdXposed too ♥️
    Put away your false future, Xposed (even ROMs) will die because of LSPosed Developers. You don't know what disgusting things LSPosed Developers are doing behind the scenes.
    They both have whitelist and on LSPosed it set in default. But only EdXposed have blacklist. I saw some comment like "have too much modules and too much apps to hook, how painful to check everything by manually".
    Yes, Edxposed still break SafetyNet.
    Yes, now Edxposed is not that actively update than LSPosed.

    I personally tried both. Not that much difference. Yeah, because basically LSPosed just forked Edxposed and did a little improvement.

    In the end I choose Edxposed rather than LSPosed. Because I can't trust one dev who made a prank about "rm -rf" and the rest dev have no objection to this and even help him to hide it. And those personal attack with filthy language of course.
    The developer you mentioned has left the development group long ago