EFS Pro All Backup Functions don't work


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Oct 21, 2017
Open EFS Pro, starts up....
Checking application environment...
Terminating process: adb.exe, PID: 7204 ...
Initializing ADB server... Okay.
ADB server is running!
Searching for device... Okay.
Connecting to device... Okay.
Checking device status... Okay.
Performing device checks...
Root status: Perm Rooted
SU binary version: 3.26:kinguser_su
BusyBox status: Installed
BusyBox version: 1.20.1-Stericson
Checking BusyBox applets... Okay.
EFS Professional is ready for use.

Device info works and displays:
---------- Hardware Information ----------
Connected Device SN.: S567018180b68
Device Manufacturer: SAMSUNG
Device Model: GT-S5670
Product Code: GT-S5670PWATHR
Hardware Version: MP 0.301

---------- Firmware Information ----------
PDA Version: S5670JPKQ7
Baseband Version: S5670XWKQ4
CSC Version: S5670OJPKQ4

---------- Software Information ----------
Kernel Release:
Kernel Version: #1 PREEMPT Sun Sep 18 18:34:47 KST 2011
ROM Build: GT-S5670-user 2.3.4 GINGERBREAD JPKQ7 release-keys
Android Version: 2.3.4
BusyBox Version: 1.20.1-Stericson
SU Binary Version: 3.26:kinguser_su

When I select 'All Partitions' in device filters, I get the following messages:
Enumerating device partitions...
Extracting PIT from device for mapping... Skipped, already exists.
Checking PIT file integrity...
Operation Failed!

This is stock ROM for Galaxy Fit GT-S5670. I want to make sure I can correctly backup my IMEI and the EFS data before pushing modified ROM image to the device. I used mobogenie to do initial push of .apk files for rooting, and also ran the Mobogenie ROOT tool.

On EFS Pro (Beta) (couldn't find a stable OLDER version...I would like to try an old one.) I go to the Backup Tab, and under device filters I don't see my version of Samsung Galaxy FIT In the Manage section of device filters. Anytime I try to do anything with the Device Partitions or Device Filters I get the message: Number was less than the array's lower bound in the first dimension. Parameter name: srcindex

Please advise me if this is just a dumb question of a newbie?