[ELITE KERNEL][Honor 8] For Build CxxB36x by HassanMirza01


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Jul 9, 2014
Hey guyz..... Me Hassan Mirza from Pakistan :)
Today am here with a new thread and I Have a good news for you....

As you know, The other methods are old now and also, in Nougat, there is root which needs to mount system each time you need to use it,,, so Today, your system mount and root problem solved... Phh or Magisk, you choose :)

Releasing Elite Kernel v2 ported from P9 Lite :)

Its PreRooted, System RW available for all time, Titanium backup works perfectly and Magisk work too for it to hide root :)

With this you can flash anything and see in SYSTEM ! VIPER...adaway no systemless...etc...

I will Provide correct info and help......All This you are gonna do is At your Own Risk... Damage to your device of any type is at your Own Responsibility,,, Don't point finger at me or I will Just Laugh at you...

1.) Download this Elite Kernel for Honor 8 CxxB36x v2
2.) Put in Root of SD Card.
3.) Flash this in Latest Recovery for Nougat.
4.) See if Superuser app installed, if not install Phh Superuser from google play.
5.) And you are ROOTED. :)

The file it's boot.img is based upon L04-C567B360, modded and signed for boot.

Its Adviced to remove pattern Lock and Fingerprint Lock before installing.... just adviced,,, :D

If you like, donate :D

Hit Thanks and Support me if you Like and get help from this thread...Thank you...

Changelog in 2nd post...

This is Based on Stock Huawei Kernel, Not compiled by Me...

@HassanMirza01 for doing all this :D :)
@phhusson for his wonderful work of making Phh superuser
@Telperion as he got my attention for doing this :D :)
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Created on: 2017-04-04
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Oct 12, 2010
If the kernel is based on B360 then it should work with N and not MM. The Lineage rom right now is using the stock N kernel with no changes to it. They are not building a N kernel inline with Lineage as there's no source code out for it.

I guess my question is, would it be possible to flash Lineage, and then flash this kernel over it?


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Feb 20, 2011
@HassanMirza01 -- kernel works and PHH SU works and can R/W /system/. One issue I noticed however is that "Revoke USB Debugging Authorizations" has disappeared from my Developer menu. On the Honor 8 with Nougat I frequently have to revoke and reset authorizations to get it to work properly. I was able to get it working again by flashing the stock boot and rooting with the linked zip.

Magisk, however, crashes the phone on installation attempt, even with SELinux set to permissive. It causes a reboot when 'setting up the environment' either through Magisk Manager or TWRP. It appears that the P9 Lite kernel must have proper loop support whereas the Honor 8 still doesn't even with tweaks. It was speculated that since on the P9 Lite Magisk wouldn't work on Nougat, but on the P9 Lite after flashing this kernel and flashing Magisk in permissive SELinux mode, it installed successfully, that a similar path might work on the Honor 8. Then again, perhaps something is workable.

Either way, thanks for looking into this. :good:

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Feb 20, 2011
Unfortunately Recovery crashes before it can write what happened to the log. That kernel crash log up above is the closest info we can probably get.

I attached the TWRP log though anyway.
Also another log, this one shows the beginning stages of the flash and where the crash happens. (Search Magisk in the text file)



Jan 8, 2013
Does the new version of TWRP thats released help this ?

I know i was finnaly able to just Flash TWRP > flash SUPERSU 2.79 to root and thats it ! no pre modfiied boot.img needed . perfectly working now