EmiCyanogenMod9 (LockedBootloader) Xperia Mini,MiniPro,Live,Active

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Jun 16, 2022
m is like CyanogenMod9 Only it is unofficial and includes everything from CyanogenMod9 Its launcher and applications

And it doesn't come with Sony apps. And it's not a rom inspired or created based on Sony's Android 4.0.4 firmware.

It also includes ControlRom AOKP which changes visual aspects of the system, etc.

Warning: The Sony Live With Walkman music led does not work and the rom has only been tested on the Sony Live With Walkman which is my cell phone and it is where I have done all the tests of the operation of my rom

I created this rom by myself and copied and searched for the apps that came from CyanogenMod9 and put them in this rom

It is not necessary to flash a Kernel with fastboot. My phone has Bootloader: No. And could not unlock bootloader

And that is why I wanted to share with you this rom that I created and modified since I recognize that as a base it occupies another rom that I do not have the original and its link is down, however this modification that I made remains

List of what works and what doesn't

camera: yes

wifi: yes

Calls and messages: Yes

microphone: yes

video: yes

Google Play Store: yes (you need GAPPS that are included in the .Zip of the download link and go with the Rom)

Speakers: Yes

buttons: yes

JACK/AUX port: yes

Flashlight: Yes

Screen: yes

Everything works at least for the WT19i which has been where he tested this rom

Here is the download link


Enjoy and anything or problem or glitch please let me know to correct;)

(Sorry Bad English I Only Use The Traductor)
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Oct 13, 2020
Thank you for your effort! I might try to install it on Xperia Active when I find the time :) I tried with CM13 but it never worked as supposed on Xperia Active (lagging / freezing,...). Actually, I might also first try with CM12.1, never thought of it before :)