[emmc hack] Is it possible to enable adb with connect adapter or disable update

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Feb 27, 2011
Hey guys.

I have an old Fire TV 1 box here.
The firmware should be great and unlock'able.

My problem is that I can not block the updates with my router. It's a AVM fritz.box 7490 (all other avm should do the same) and I try it parent controll, balcklist sites. No success.

So at the moment the emmc-adapter is connected and the box is in dl-mode.
So I have access to the hole nand.

There should be a way to disable the auto-update service or enable adb, to disable the auto-update service over shell.
pm disable com.amazon.dcp
I hope any of you had an idea and can help me!

Greetings by I_did_it_just_tmrrow

I read a thread about the fire tablet and that they rename the com.amazon.dcp.apk to com.amazon.dcp.apk.bak .
I just do the same when I was connected with my emmc-adapter in dl-mode. So I just copy the su file to the xbin folder & rename the com.amazon.dcp.apk to com.amazon.dcp.apk.bak with sudo command.
Without blocking url's, the aftv1 just skip from updates process directly to login process in the initial setup.
After log-in I disconnect my lan cable, to be sure and on the safe way. Then simple enable adb, connect with shell & install Supersu. After that "pm disable com.android.dcp" service.
I was on the following os from factory:
I can not say anything about earlier or later fw's!
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