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Enable 'developer driver' in any application for your Graphics Driver Preference

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On Android 10, by default, all apps are set to use the default system graphics driver. You were also able to select the type of driver (default, game or system) from a menu that an app would use when running. In android 11, that option is not available (as of June 16, 2021).

However, in android 11 you can change this manually and enable the 'developer driver' for your graphics preferences for any app using ADB.

adb shell settings put global game_driver_opt_in_apps com.package.name

To add more than one application to the settings value, you probably have to separate the package names by either a comma or semicolon. Once you're done with that step, run the next command.

adb shell settings put global game_driver_prerelease_opt_in_apps com.package.name

Then reboot the device. Enter settings, system, advanced, developer settings and choose 'Graphics Driver Preference' and make sure the application you chose in the first step has the 'developer driver' selected. Please note that the option will not be present in the drop-down menu when selecting the application in graphics driver preferences. All other applications should say 'default'.