General Enable Google Pixel 6 Pro to use Verizon’s faster C-Band 5G on A12

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Aug 11, 2020
This is just unacceptable whoever's fault it is. I pay for the highest tier Verizon plan and with the FAA delaying c band for 6 weeks should have given Verizon / Google enough time to certify the Pixel 5/6/6 Pro. I'm so annoyed about this and I live in an area where it is super congested and there isn't that much mmwave.
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Apr 3, 2010
I don't know how Verizon does everything, but I can speak to their excellent obsessive-compulsiveness with regard to tower/radio management.

In the USA, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint (before they merged), and American Tower all use(d) the same software to track maintenance/management of their cellular equipment out in the field, which is what ultimately provides service to their customers--the radios, towers, etc. Verizon was quite particular, however. They wanted things almost completely customized, just for them. Things already WERE customized for each of those clients, but Verizon wanted more. They gladly paid for it. All along their long process of "we want to make absolutely sure that this rollout works flawlessly", they even called us out on a very minor web server issue. It wasn't the fancy and expensive software we were customizing even further, it wasn't the databases customized for them, it wasn't the servers customized for them, it wasn't anything you'd expect--it was the website server software and how a particular URL was being parsed. I listened and silently agreed that it was an issue to be corrected. I spoke up, in private, having done some website management for myself, and referenced the RFC (100% coincidence with regard to my name), but I was really impressed by how particular Verizon was being. Interestingly, the other four clients didn't notice, didn't care, or were fine with it. Verizon insisted that it be corrected and changed. It wasn't always easy to do what they asked, from what I understood, but they paid for it, so it was done and everyone was salaried so they worked long and hard. As far as I know, Verizon's requests were never something which was considered a regression or a step in the wrong direction, it was just difficult and/or time-consuming. It was always them wanting things, however minor or major, to be even better than they already were, if possible; if there was an additional price for that change/improvement, they paid it. Having the best software in the world to manage their equipment wasn't good enough for them--they nit-picked and found ways to make it even better.

Verizon may be slow to do some things, and as a customer of Verizon's it does bug me at times, but less so these days. Things like the Pixel 5/6 c-band waiting and some other "this newly-released phone isn't yet certified even though it's 100% compatible" stuff used to be MUCH more commonplace about 5-10 years ago, but now a brand new phone typically works on release day. However, there's a reason they tout being "America's most reliable network". The stuff that's done behind the scenes is meticulously done. I learned to respect Verizon from a more technical and obsessive-compulsive viewpoint after comparing and contrasting the things I knew of and phone calls I was in on. I think all cellular providers have great service. My personal choice will always be Verizon (I used Verizon since 2001, and now Visible since 2019), and I'm happy to wait for c-band "certification" on the Pixel 6, whatever that entails. We'll probably get c-band in one of the coming monthly Android updates, and may even go back to a "VZW-specific" image instead of the unified ones we just switched to.
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Even though it's not C-Band, my Verizon LTE femto is now boosting 5G over NSA whereas it didn't before. Hope this is a good sign.
I live in an area where I barely get 5G NSA if I stand outside.. max D/L ~ 30 mbps if I'm lucky. Just pulled 112 with femto turned off.


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