Question Enable native Call Recording in google dialer

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Native call recording is a great feature that helps you keep track of important conversations. To enable this feature in the Google Dialer, you will need to use a third-party app or a mod. One highly recommended app is Call Recorder Pro, which not only provides native call recording but also offers a range of advanced features to enhance your call experience. Call Recorder Pro is easy to use and provides high-quality call recordings. It also allows you to easily manage and organize your recordings. So, if you're looking to enable native call recording in the Google Dialer, give Call Recorder Pro a try!
can you post a link to it plz


Aug 8, 2008
Had the same. Issue was with bug in Magisk.
I had to downgrade and it worked.

I have given BCR a shot, because it keeps being updated. Should be better than the Skvalex one that charges $9.99 pre-tax.

But BCR 1.37 didn't work for me. The app appears to be crashing all the time without ever opening. I don't see the app called BCR or a short cut to it on the home screen upon restarting. There is one icon called com.chiller... that upon clicking, appears to show BCR but soon disappear. Could the February play system update have done something to my Magisk 25209, because I have forgot to install it to the inactive slot? All other modules appear to be fine.

The Google Dialer Mod's silencing alert is very difficult to be enabled. Maybe it's me. We need better options.

The LSPosed version appears to be much easier, though maybe the app should be updated more frequently. For example, the author doesn't respond to issues. Plus, it would be great, if the app could also enable recording on Wechat, Signal, Whatsapp, etc. There is so much potential untapped here.

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