How To Guide Enable & Select Bands thru Dialer (S22 Fam) /CSC CHANGE (S22 & MORE)

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This is working beautifully.. Tested and changed from XAA to GCF for ap sim1 and sim2

Thank you man
You're welcome. I may have some more treats to share....depends on when I have time as I'm also dealing with a Verizon Pixel 7 Pro and getting it bootloader unlocked. Biggest headache of my life right now.
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Jun 29, 2011
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Question. I did this a while ago.. How to tell for sure if you have all bands enabled.. So far all the secret codes people have issues with I have not encountered any issues.


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Jan 11, 2012
Can anyone help, after changing the CSC to VZW, the Samfw FRP tool stuck on "Waiting for DIAG" after clicking on "enable secret code for verizon". I'm on Android 13 with December security patch.

I was able to make it work by installing the Samsung drivers from the SamFw FRP tool itself. The earlier drivers that my system has were installed by SmartSwitch software.
CSC change was successful using the smartswitch drivers. However, for enabling the code, the specific drivers that Samfwfrp provides needed to be installed.
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Jan 27, 2023
ugh, I edited this because I had typed the wrong code.
it's *#2263# ( *#BAND# )

I have a Samsung s22+
SM-S906U1 factory unlocked, with updates thru jan 1 2023 including the infamous update of july '22 that sabotaged access to the hiddennetwork activity band selection.
The *#73# dialer code does not work on this phone.
Also, note that which dialer codes do and do not work depends on what phone app you're using to dial with.

Using the original Samsung phone app, not updated, that came installed on this phone
Directly opens ServiceMode band selection menu.

Using a different phone app, like Google Phone the code doesn't work. I recommend if *#2263# is not working on your carrier branded phone to install an apk of the Samsung phone app from a factory unlocked version to see if the dialer code works. This app has permissions to run this ServiceMode menu, but trying to launch the same activity with another app returns an error of "permission denied"

I hope this helps
Screenshot_20230126_212953_Service mode RIL.jpg
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    ***Tested on S908U & S908U1***

    But not limited, to those specific models. S22 Family should also be compatible as the NEW FOLD 4. Thanks @Abaddon


    To ENABLE all bands, please do the following:
    (See pictures attached for context)

    Step 1. Go to Samsung Dialer......dial * # 73 #

    Step 2. You should see ServiceMode > RF TEST.....choose Option 1: Band Selection

    Step 3. Here is the part where you might be different from the rest, like I am. I use dual-sim. Now depending on who you use as your main service provider, in my case VZW. I know that VZW is my esim and also known as SIM 2. Here if I wanted to enable all bands for VZW, I would choose Option 2 and if I wanted to choose my other provider, TMB, I would choose Option 1. Those that don't have dual sim will normally just have one option which will be SIM 1. If that's you, just press SIM 1 and continue.....

    Step 4. Now you've made it to the most important step here. Enabling the Bands.
    As tempting as it might be. If you don't know what anything does. Don't press it. And if you accidentally press something by mistake. Restart your phone ASAP and start over. Trust me when I say, I've tested everything here. I have. That's no lie or joke. Because of my testing in the Service Menu....I disabled my radio for two days until I figured out how to get it back thru various tips and tricks from multiple guides and sites. So, please if you wanna be brave, do it on your time and don't come to community to ask for help off of something you did. The community is here for those who have actual problems not people who have problems because stupidity and pure ignorance. Now back to the last step.....

    Step 4 (continued)
    Here, you may or may not have the same check marks as I but in the end its not going to matter.

    Start by pressing Option 7: Clear ALL Bands.....I normally press it twice just to be sure.

    And when pressed, the check marks should disappear. Now you may or may not have this option checked after everything was already unchecked but...Option A (Block Set By AP)...should be left unchecked. Like in the picture I've attached.

    Now press Option 8 (twice) this is where I discovered that the second time you push added more. Try it. Watch what it does the first time you press Option 8....then watch again when u press it the second time.

    Now you should see check marks back up where they have disappeared.

    Press Option 9: Apply Band Configuration.

    You'll now see APPLY DONE

    Go to three dots in the top right KEY INPUT

    Youll see a little screen.....tap on the line and type " 0 " (zero)...hit Ok and you should be golden....

    I do this frequently because I flash my S908U constantly testing different things I see....testing possible exploits. To my knowledge a restart shouldn't reset these settings but if they do. It shouldn't take but a few seconds to re-enable everything again. I can do this without looking at my phone now because of how many times I've flashed this S908U. So good luck and if anyone has any input, sees any mistakes or wants to add to this guide shoot me a DM and let me know.

    ***CSC CHANGE***
    Active on current BETA 1, BETA 2, AVHB, and all previous months up to MAY.
    Tested and Re-Tested on S908U & S908U1.
    As it stands S22 Family is compatible. If you do not get desired results, read thru the thread to find your answer and for troubleshooting (*Currently away on business, limited to answering posts and DMs)

    To Change your CSC, do the following,
    1. Go to (it's a reputable Samsung firmware site)
    2. Look for the SamFW FRP Tool v3.1 (don't worry about the FRP thing, you are not going to use it)
    3.Download and extract, Run as Admin
    4.Connect phone and the app should read it. Should say Samsung modem (COM___) >>> Left a blank on the COM because everyone is different, depending on what port you connect the phone.
    5. To be sure everything is ready to run well, there's a tab labeled ADB. Click it and inside there's an option for INFO, click that and it will read your phone and display you're phone's vitals.
    6. After you're done, go to the tab labeled TEST. Inside you'll see various options. The last one being Change your CSC and a blank box.

    7. Here is where you have to do a little research for now. ( I'll update what CSCs are inside when I get home in 2 weeks) S908U had one set of CSCs and S908U1 has a larger one. Depending on what you want, figure out first if your firmware has that specific CSC. (For example, if you have S908U VZW completely stock and you want to change it to a CSC that's foreign, for instance like XXV or INS, you're out of luck, it won't happen.) So do you're research. There's a thread here on XDA that can give you that knowledge without leaving the site.

    **EDIT** 9-4-22
    PLEASE refer yourselves to this post and thread to see what possible CSCs are in your firmware. Many thanks to @yakapa40 for all the information and because of this thread....gave me inspiration to find out more about CSCs...Bands....etc. Make sure to give him a thumbs up.

    8. In the blank box, type the new CSC you would like to use. When changing the CSC there's many things that can change. Your boot screen and certain carrier apps will be removed and/or added. Also if you, for instance are like me and use Verizon as your carrier, you will lose Verizon Visual voicemail and other certain "carrier bands" but there's a fix for that, read thru the thread carefully.
    9. Follow the prompts and do what the app says. When it's complete, your phone will restart and you may or not be greeted with a new boot screen depending on what you chose.)
    10. To check if everything went well, go to Settings....About Phone.... Software Information and look at the Service Provider. You will see your new CSC displayed. The last CSC should be your carrier CSC. That you can't change without ROOT. So don't worry about it. Now you're done. Enjoy! For any troubleshooting please go thru the thread and read or do a search. Please don't clog up the thread if you choose not to read and ask the same question over and over. The community is already flooded with many people doing the same thing over and over. You don't need to add to it. And if you have a specific issue, please send me a DM and I'll see where I can help you out when I have time.

    @yakapa40 (For CSC knowledge and information)

    For a MORE PROPER GUIDE on BAND SELECTION and some TROUBLESHOOTING please refer to post #15

    Or this guide....If you like you can take info from both and use it at your discretion. BOTH guides have different views but overall the same techniques.

    Once again a huge THANK YOU to @peacey8 for this excellent guide.

    The information here is AS IS, what you decide to do with it, it's up to you. If you choose to use this information and somehow "break" something. Please be prepared to give a direct recounting as to what lead to your situation and also be prepared for any amount of questions, that may come. The community is here to help those in need. Not to engage or applaud laziness, ignorance or any sort of mis-doing. You're obviously here for a reason, so stick to it. Have fun...and learn.

    **Edited 9-4-22**
    I can make the guide in a new thread if you're okay with that. I'll put in all the info we learned here like how VZW isn't needed, and making DIAG work. But the guide will only be for S908U1 like this, I don't have any other S22U variant to test other than S908U1.

    What is the Telegram channel?
    You don't need to keep it on GCF. You can just unlock all the bands on whatever US CSC you're on using the service menu as I explained in this post.

    Also, I don't believe you can keep it on GCF if you use a North American SIM. It will automatically switch to your US carrier or XAA if your SIM is non-US. I have a Canadian SIM and it switches to XAA when I try to put it on GCF. There's no way as far as I know to change this behaviour.
    So to keep GCF or XAA and also use a US carrier sim card without having it swap back to your inserted sim card, there's two options you can do. Disable WCIDMANAGER thru ADB or go thru the Service Menu and disable UIM AUTOSELECT (see pics attached). From my experience what I did was first change to XAA/GCF then I would pop in my sim card or just enable it. Then as soon as I got the Service Provider update notification to restart, I would leave my phone as is and jump into ADB and disable the WCIDMANAGER. Then I would just restart my phone manually. And XAA/GCF would stay without a problem or having the Service Provider update notification. In my opinion that would be the easiest without having to go thru the Service Menu. But if you wanna do it that way. It's easy as well.

    *You're more than welcome to make that guide....just let me know what you need.
    Echoing what @Abaddon said, if the *#73# code doesn't work for you, you can enable the code by switching to VZW CSC first then using SamFW FRP tool to unlock secret codes, then you can switch back to XAA or any other CSC with FRP tool and the code will still work.

    So basically, the steps to enable secret codes are:
    1. Start on XAA (or VZW) U1 firmware and enable debugging in Developer menu.
    2. Use SamFW FRP tool to change to VZW CSC if you're on XAA or other CSC. Phone will reboot.
    3. Using SamFW FRP tool, go to MTP -> Enable Secret Code for VZW.
    4. Now you should be able to use *#73# for RF test, or any other secret code (like *#27663368378#* to go directly to service menu).
    5. Switch back to XAA CSC using SamFW FRP tool if needed, and make sure *#73# is still working.
    Though, I couldn't get all bands enabled even with having access to this code and following OP's instructions. The bands were still limited to XAA bands, even after pressing Enable twice. However, I was able to enable ALL 5G bands, including mmWave, by using the service menu (credits to this post). You can try these instructions if OP's instructions didn't unlock all bands for you:
    1. Enter the service menu. There's a couple of ways to do this.
      • Open dialer and enter *#27663368378# to get directly into the service mode main menu.
      • Open dialer and enter *#73# (OP's code) to get into RF Test mode. Press Band Selection. Press three dots on top right -> Back. Repeat three dots -> back three more times until you get to the service mode main menu.
    2. Use the service mode to set the following options. Note you can go back between screens with three dots -> back for quicker navigation, but I am just starting each option below from the main menu so it's easy to read.
      1. Enable all LTE and 5G bands.
        • Service Mode Main Menu -> UE SETTING & INFO -> SETTING -> SYSTEM -> Next page 4 times -> SET LTE BAND CONFIG -> SET DEFAULT LTE BAND.
        • Service Mode Main Menu -> UE SETTING & INFO -> SETTING -> PROTOCOL -> NR5G -> NR5G PRUNE STATUS -> REMOVE NR5G PRUNE.
        • Service Mode Main Menu -> UE SETTING & INFO -> SETTING -> PROTOCOL -> GCF -> REMOVE ONLY NR WHITELIST.
        • Optional if you need to enable mmWave bands too: Service Mode Main Menu -> UE SETTING & INFO -> SETTING -> PROTOCOL -> NR5G -> Sub6/mmWave -> ALL ENABLE.
        • Optional if you have issues going from LTE to LTE+ (carrier aggregation not working properly): Service Mode Main Menu -> UE SETTING & INFO -> SETTING -> PROTOCOL -> AS -> Next Page -> DISABLE CA COMBO CHECK -> DISABLE ON.
      2. Enable 5G NR features (DSS & CDRX) if needed. These options might already be enabled for you by default.
        • Service Mode Main Menu -> UE SETTING & INFO -> SETTING -> PROTOCOL -> AS -> Next Page -> NR CDRX CONTROL -> NR CDRX ENABLE. NR CDRX is 5G power saving mode.
        • Service Mode Main Menu -> UE SETTING & INFO -> SETTING -> PROTOCOL -> AS -> Next Page 2 times -> NR DSS CONTROL -> NR DSS ENABLE. NR DSS is 5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing.
      3. Enable 5G SA if you're lucky enough to live in a country with standalone 5G networks. This option might be enabled by default already.
        • Service Mode Main Menu -> UE SETTING & INFO -> SETTING -> PROTOCOL -> NR5G -> NR5G SA/NSA Mode Control -> SA/NSA ENABLE.
        • Service Mode Main Menu -> UE SETTING & INFO -> SETTING -> PROTOCOL -> NR5G -> NR5G SA/NSA Mode Control -> Remove SA permit list.
        • Service Mode Main Menu -> UE SETTING & INFO -> SETTING -> PROTOCOL -> NR5G -> Next Page -> NR5G NRDC -> NRDC ENABLE. NRDC is for dual connectivity with Sub6 + mmWave bands in parallel. Only applies to 5G SA networks.
      4. Restart your phone, then dial *#73# to get into RF Test Mode. Click Band Selection -> Sim 1 or 2 (whichever you use). On this screen if you scroll down, you'll see a list of enabled NR5G bands like in OP's picture. Make sure all bands are enabled. See my picture below, or OP's picture above (OP's picture is only missing four mmWave bands).
      5. Note that band selection won't be reset with a reboot, but might be reset after a CSC update (or a software update that includes a CSC update). You will have to re-do the settings every update.
    This worked for me on XAA firmware to enable 5G in Canada on my S22U. In fact, I was even able to update to One UI 5.0 using the adb sideload method since I was on XAA firmware, and then I repeated the steps above to enable all 5G bands on the beta (secret codes still worked after beta update, but bands got reset after update). So now I have 5G on One UI 5.0 beta in Canada! The trifecta!

    Thank you very much @wr3cckl3ss1 for the instructions above, @Abaddon for the key information about VZW firmware needded to unlock secret codes, and @mellojosh for the service menu instructions to change bands.

    Been away on business and now I'm back.....hoping to share this info soon if it's not out yet. Ability to change/simulate AP...SIM 1....SIM 2. So that if you specifically don't want all bands enabled and just want a certain sim to be GCF or carrier based..then you have that option.

    You can also use *#2263# on the S22U unlocked. I have the unlocked version with At&t U on it.