Enabling LG Smartworld Themes on Verizon

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    It seems Verizon disabled a bunch of useful features that are included on the other carriers software variant. This includes the LG smart world themes. You can get these back pretty easily, it's a similar process that was used on the G4 & G3, and works on the G5 see here:

    Originally Posted by Vijet
    This is how I got the theme changer working without installing Launcher Pro.
    Get the application "Any Shortcut" from play store
    Open the application and enter the following details
    Application : com.lge.launcher2
    Activity : com.lge.launcher2.theme.LGThemeChooserActivity
    Action: [Keep blank]
    Intent : [Keep blank]
    Then : create, your shortcut is done !

    Now open the shortcut and your theme chooser application will fire up.
    Download LG themes from LG Smart World application (not installed by default) and start applying themes.

    Since we don't yet have root, and Knock-off's utility is greatly reduced with 3rd party launchers (restricted to notification area), you may find the themes on smartworld a boon to liven up your device.

    There are also a bunch of other interesting menus/settings, which are normally hidden, that you can access with an app called "Activity Launcher". Just set the menu to "All Activities" and look around, there's an interesting setting for the auto brightness among others.
    how do I get Home UX 4.0

    You will need to download the LG SmartWorld APK file. From chrome browser on your phone, navigate to www.lgworld.com. Before you download the app/ apk file, go to the security settings and ensure that 'Unknown Sources' selection is set to ON. this is because the app is not from the google play store. After you confirmed the security setting is to allow the app to load, go to the website I listed above. Follow the on screen instructions to select the region and language you will use. after that the window should populate with the Download LG SmartWorld selection. Select it and you will see the pop up notification to start the download. After download is complete, another pop up will show to Install the app on you device. select Yes.

    Once the app is installed, open the SmartWorld app. Your going to have to download the UX4.0 home screen. You may need to create a log in. Upon start up of the app, there will be a pop up display instructing how to get the 4.0 Home screen. After that, you can follow the instructions listed in the OP of this thread. Hope this helps. :good: