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Jul 19, 2016
As there is currently no beta thread for the Exynos Version of the S22/S22+/S22U, I created this thread.

You can post here the Links and discuss about the beta.

The Beta has started today in Germany, other markets should follow soon. Sadly there is no change about the availibility in other markets with the EUX CSC (at this time)

25. Aug:
Beta has also started in UK and India (Beta 2 Update)

Update Files (Mirror folder): Folder on Mega

Update Files (
Crossed out lines (" Link") are not working anymore, use the mirror above instead.

S22 (SM-S901B)

1. Beta (AVG6->ZVH4) Link (thanks to mathiTV)
2. Beta (AVG6->ZVHK) Link (thanks to Adam1906KSC)
2. Beta (ZVH4->ZVHK) Link (thanks to sir_veloso)
3. Beta (ZVHK->ZVI9) Link (thanks to Adam1906KSC)
4. Beta (ZVI9->ZVJ2) Link (thanks to Adam1906KSC)
5. Beta (ZVJ2->ZVJA) Link (thanks to Adam1906KSC)
Final (ZVJA-BVJA) [Not available yet]

S22+ (SM-S906B)
1. Beta (AVG6->ZVH4) [Not availabe/necessary, use 2nd Beta to ZVHK instead]
2. Beta (AVG6->ZVHK) Link (Thanks to 123qwe + edgarf28)
2. Beta (ZVH4->ZVHK) [Not available/necessary, use 2nd Beta to ZVHK instead]
3. Beta (ZVHK->ZVI9) Link (thanks to 123qwe + edgarf28)
4. Beta (ZVHK->ZVJ2) Link (thanks to 123qwe + edgarf28)
5. Beta (ZVJ2->ZVJA) Link (thanks to 123qwe + edgarf28)
Final (ZVJA-BVJA) Link (thanks to wadialdoor)

S22U (SM-S908B)
1. Beta (AVG6->ZVH4) Link (thanks to JeyKul + AndrzejDwo)
2. Beta (AVG6->ZVHK) [Not available yet, use 1st and 2nd Beta instead]
2. Beta (ZVH4->ZVHK) Link (thanks to JeyKul + AndrzejDwo)
3. Beta (ZVHK->ZVI9) Link (thanks to a2kay)
4. Beta (ZVI9->ZVJ2) Link (thanks to DiscoBear)
5. Beta (ZVJ2->ZVJA) Link (thanks to DIscoBear)
Final (ZVJA-BVJA) Link (thanks to DiscoBear)

How to install:
With ADB:
BredzProh made a perfect tutorial on how to install the beta (+ the Updates) via ADB: Thread

Locally with Alliance Shield (no PC needed):
NOTE -- This method does not work at the moment, because the Knox licence has been revoked for the App. Use ADB instead --

0. Download the needed firmware and the Alliance Shield X app (PlayStore).
1. Open the Alliance Shield X App and complete setup (Account creation and Knox permissions)
2. Rename the downloaded Firmware-File to "" (without Quotes) and move it to the root storage directory (/storage/emulated/0)
3. Open the "App Manager" inside the Alliance Shield.
4. Search for "Software Update" and select the option with the purple/white Icon.
5. Go to the activities and search for "com.idm.fotaagent.enabler.ui.admin.main.AdminMainActivity"
6. Select the Option and open it
7. Press on sideload and select the Update-File
8. Wait for the installation to complete...

Small FAQ:
Can I downgrade back to Android 12?

- Yes, a downgrade is possible, but the Phone will reset to its factory settings and your Data/Files will be gone. To downgrade, follow the normal Odin-Steps for flashing a firmware or use the emergency-flashing included in Samsung Smart Switch (PC)

Will I get automatic Updates (OTA) after flashing the beta?
- No, except it is the last (final) version. You will need to install every beta manually, including the Update to the last version. Beta updates are not connected to "normal" update, so the security updates can be sooner or later than normally. After the beta is finished and you are on the final version, you will recieve further updates normally via OTA.

Crashes, Lags, Freezes, Bugs and other strange Behaviour?
- Like any beta software, the OneUI Beta might be unstable. Sadly, only the people, who can register to the Beta via Samsung Members are allowed to send Feedback directly to Samsung. A factory reset is not necessary, to update to the beta, but it is recomended, if you experience severe problems with the firmwate.

Can I use banking apps or streaming apps (ex. Netflix)?
- Yes and no. While the device is on a beta update, the Google certification will fail. Now it depends, how the app uses this state. Some banking apps will not work or reduce their functions on beta firmware. The same might happen with Netflix or other streaming apps.
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Jul 19, 2016
Wow, you are very fast with the links. Thank you very much :)

I will download the Files and upload them to a file hoster for mirroring. But I'm currently on vaccation and thus in a roaming zone, and the mobile Network is not that fast...


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Aug 5, 2022
I got an Exynos S22+ with the beta. How do I share the Beta to you?
I failed to track it via http canary...:/


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Jun 8, 2018
Hi guys ! I'm not sure I understood the part for EUX CSC. It's not available for this CSC ? Germany doesn't have EUX ? Thanks !


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Nov 15, 2007
No one with a S22 Plus in Germany? The other 2 got posted in minutes after the release, but for the Plus it still isn't posted lol 🤯


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Mar 3, 2012
Just tell me if they finally fixed the Performance and Twitter Reddit scrolling Issue lol

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