Englezos Kernel - 0.12 [January 15 2021]

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Jan 26, 2011
Wanna give it a try, but it's been a few years since I've changed a kernel in any of my devices, so if I were to make a clean install of the latest build of RR then how should I proceed to install this kernel, I really did not get it as explained in the op. Thanks and sorry

To install it you simply go in recovery, backup your boot & dbto img & then flash the kernel. That's it.
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    Englezos Kernel - MI 9T/K20 Pro

    Englezos Kernel for the MI 9T/K20 Pro (raphael,in) is a minimal kernel focused on improving overall UX with performance and battery tuning. Support any AOSP based rom with LOS FOD implementation both Android 10 & Android 11, no MIUI support.

    • Latest CAF msm-4.14 kernel with android-linux-stable merged
    • Power efficient workqueues and idle power consumption is reduced to the absolute minimum
    • Optimized CPU frequencies and EAS energy model for improved performance and battery life
    • PELT load tracking
    • Devfreq boost driver
    • SimpleLMK driver
    • Passes SafetyNet bootloader unlock check
    • BBR as the default TCP network congestion control
    • LZ4 compression for ZRAM enabled by default
    • WireGuard VPN tunnel support
    • vDSO 32 patches to improve 32-bit performance
    • Modules support disabled for lighter kernel
    • Excluded a lot of debugging symbols for kernel size reduction
    • Many other miscellaneous improvements not listed here, check the source.

    Installation instructions:
    Flash the .zip file through your installed recovery or FKM.


    Reporting issues:
    • Before reporting an issue please check that it only occurs when having this kernel installed. Otherwise it may be an issue with the ROM.
    • Make sure you provide logs and or a descriptive information with your reports, else you will be ignored.
    • Be aware that battery issues are very likely related to your personal settings. Don't blame me for your modifications.

    Thanks to:
    • nathanchance: for android-linux-stable
    • osm0sis: for his amazing anykernel3 script
    • kerneltoast
    • kdrag0n
    • All others who have their commits or contributions picked.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Englezos Kernel, Kernel for the Redmi K20 Pro

    Source Code: https://github.com/penglezos/kernel_xiaomi_raphael

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: 0.12

    Created 2020-04-06
    Last Updated 2021-01-15
    0.12 release is up, check first post for changelog/download link.
    0.8 release is up, check first post for changelog/download link.
    Release 0.2 April 09

    A hot-fix release fixing random reboots, sorry for any inconvenience. Download link at first post.
    0.5 release is up, check first post for changelog/download link.
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