Entersekt's Collaboration Unlocks Financial Apps Opportunities for Developers&Users


May 19, 2020
Entersekt's Collaboration Unlocks Financial Apps Opportunities for Developers&Users

Entersekt fast-tracks its software update to integrate Huawei Mobile Serviceopen Chip-Device-Cloud capabilities
A global fintech company that leads the industry in digital security and payments enablement technology says their recent integration with Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) has enabled them to continue meeting their customers’ strong demand for user-friendly, highly secure digital banking services and will help unlock new commercial opportunities.

Entersekt is a South African-based company that pioneered phone-as-a-token, out-of-band push authentication and pride themselves on innovating in digital security, payments, and user experience in the financial sector. It works with some of the biggest names in banking and payments, including some of the largest global payments networks like Swisscard, and core banking providers like Capitec Bank, Absa and Nedbank, and offer a range of solutions spanning user authentication, digital identity, contactless, and remote customer registration.

The company fast-tracked work on its mobile software development kit (SDK) and integrated HMS’s fully open Chip-Device-Cloud capabilities, including Huawei’s Push Kit. This facilitates push messaging, enabling banking apps using Entersekt’s technology to better engage Huawei device users and giving consumers a more targeted and tailored banking service.

Entersekt chief commercial officer Dewald Nolte said the company’s collaboration with Huawei also ensures consumers upgrading to new Huawei devices will continue to be protected from fraud, giving them added confidence to bank securely.
As more and more people choose to manage their personal finances on mobile devices, consumers expect to be able transact digitally without fear or compromise, and this partnership helps give Huawei device users peace of mind when managing their finances with applications that employ our technology,” Nolte said.

The fintech provider holds an 80 percent share of the South African digital banking authentication market and counts some major overseas banks as customers, with millions of consumers worldwide relying on the company’s software when conducting their personal banking. With the updated SDK now ready for release to app developers across the globe, Nolte regards the integration with HMS as another opportunity for the Entersekt and institutional customers listing on AppGallery.

Not only does our latest collaboration with Huawei mean we’re better placed to meet consumer needs, it also opens up new markets and ensures that the growing number of Huawei device users can benefit from this technology, both in South Africa and abroad,” said Nolte.

Nolte also said the collaboration was made easier thanks to Huawei’s commitment to providing developers with full-cycle operational support.
Our engineers report that the integration effort ran very smoothly, with proactive support and collaboration from Huawei,” said Nolte.

Huawei provides, worldwide, and round-the-clock operation support throughout the entire development cycle to incentivise innovation, ensure ecosystem prosperity, and help developers succeed in business.
Entersekt’s latest update is just one example of the thousands of Huawei’s collaborations with the world’s top developers to create quality apps, with Huawei’s fully open Chip-Device-Cloud capabilities helping accelerate app experience innovation. To date, over 60,000 apps have integrated Huawei’s unique hardware and software capabilities to create an enhanced user experience.

All applications developed in collaboration with Huawei, along with thousands of other quality apps, are available on Huawei’s open and secure app distribution platform, AppGallery. As one of the top three app marketplaces globally, AppGallery is available in more than 170 countries and regions, and connects over 650 million users to Huawei’s smart and innovative ecosystem.

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