[EoL] [Basebands/Modems] SM-G800F/H/M/Y [02.01.2021] & 6.0.1 StockRom F/H/M/Y mirror

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May 26, 2015
Sometimes the recipe is more than poor. I'm unsure:
1. Make it sense to update the baseband to CPL1 (I would take the DBT-file)?
2.is it more safe to flash with odin than TWRP?
If you change the baseband it might improve your reception and / or the batterie consumption but there is no guarantee that every update will have an equal impact. You have to try - it might even happen that an older baseband works better for you. Therefore I keep all of them avaliable that everyone can have a try.
Nevertheless in which country you are or which carrier you use, the basebands are all compartible for your phone if you use the right VARIANT (F/H/M/Y). Also if you want to use the CPL1 baseband or any other it doesn't matter from which carrier it is because they are always the same. For example I use the QB2 which was first published in a firmware for Saudi Arabia, but I use it mainly in the EU with best results.

To your second question. There is really no difference - use whatever suits you more. I find it more comfortable to flash via TWRP because I can do so without the need of a second device.


Sep 5, 2016
Update needed for security ???

Out of security reasons only, would it make any sense to replace the baseband version G800FXXU1BPC3 of LP 5.11 (DBT) with a newer one? If yes, which one would you recommend. (I do not have any technical issues). Thank your for reply.


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Jun 22, 2017
hi.. i download modem for mini s5 but when i open oden and i want to install this file i dont find it !!!!! i try more time to change the nam like you say ! but he dont work !!!


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Receiving error message: This package is for "kminiltexx" devices; this is a kminilte.
This is a bug in the current Official TWRP version, you have to change the updater-script file to make it work (replace all kminiltexx with kminilte). It would be easier if @tester02 would add kminilte to supported devices ;) However, ayke already stated that it'll be fixed in the next build


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May 26, 2015
This is a bug in the current Official TWRP version, you have to change the updater-script file to make it work (replace all kminiltexx with kminilte). It would be easier if @tester02 would add kminilte to supported devices ;) However, ayke already stated that it'll be fixed in the next build

I could do that, but as it is now it works a a security feature that you won't install a wrong baseband. Therefore I keep it that way.
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Nov 7, 2008
works Great for me,,,...i done g800f no imei...no baseband.....so i downloaded Modem_G800FXXU1BPC4_18.03.2016_PRO.rar,...,extracted modem.bin....used odin v3.11.1 loaded modem.bin to cp........connected mob in download mode ...click start in odin...5secs later.....mob reboots....baseband is back...imei is back...mob all work great.......thank you all


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Mar 27, 2011
I posted this question in the Slim Rom 7 thread, it was suggested this thread may be a better place to ask (apologies in advanced if its felt this is beyond the scope of this thread):

I purchased my G800F (United Kingdom) some years ago, which at the time was tied to the 02 network/carrier (with all the usual bloatware) and obviously O2's firmware.

Once out of contract I installed TWRP and installed Slim Rom 7, at the same time I moved away from the O2 to EE (It's actually Virgin Mobile which uses the EE's network). I've a few issues with my installation (wakelocks), so I'm planning to clean install everything in an attempt to systematically find the cause.

What's just occurred to me is that I never really paid any attention on whether I should have first thought about changing to the phone's firmware/baseband to stock (I have installed a number of basebands from this thread). Currently my Phones's firmware is 02 branded (CSC: G800FO2U1CPL1). Options would be to change to: UK (BTU) unbranded variant (CSC: G800FBTU1CQA1); or EE's branded (CSC: G800FEVR1CQB1). The thought being to return to Stock (6.0.1) ROM to get known to be good firmware / basebands and then retread my steps to install custom recovery / nougat ROM (most likely Slim ROM 7)

Knowing I've changed carriers (O2->EE), can I ask, what is considered best practice here? Is downgrading and changing to a more appropriate firmware /baseband, in the hope to get a known to be good combination such as EE's firmware worth the effort before upgrading to custom recovery / ROM?

Many thanks!


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May 26, 2015
@fidoedidoe The F-variant supports the LTE 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20 frequency bands and it doesn't really matter which carrier published which baseband because the same basebands are used in very different regions and all use different parts of these frequencies.
I only recommend not to use a baseband from an older android version with a rom that it based on a newer. If you do so - up to my knowlegde - there is no difference in reception / speed if you use a stock or a custom rom with the same baseband. That's why I can only encurage you to try all the different basebands. In short you can go to a stock rom but there is no need.


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Feb 7, 2016
Thanks for providing newest baseband version @tester02. I'm getting an error while flashing it with TWRP (special version for oreo roms). Anyone can confirm?
i think it's because of the newer for oreo TWRPs. had the same error with 3.2.0-0 - so i flashed back the 3.1.1-1 and it worked...


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