[EoL][G95XF/FD/N] SoLdieR9312s G95XDSBA ROM || 16.1 | AROMA | Android 9.0 | 21/02

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Mar 11, 2019
I tried formatting the sdcard already. My laptop can recognize it but my phone doesnt. Maybe a hardware issue. Thanks


Jun 30, 2009
I am with soldier pie rom 4.0 but there is no OEM in developer options. Anyone knows why and how can I turn on OEM unlock ? Thanks for any help.
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Feb 24, 2011
I am with soldier pie rom 4.0 but there is no OEM in developer options. Anyone knows why and how can I turn on OEM unlock ? Thanks for any help.
As far as I know, the OEM option has been activated (unlocked) and hidden by the developers on purpose to avoid inadvertently disabling it. So you do not need to activate anything.
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Mar 13, 2019
I am not a developer but an end user. I have Galaxy Tab-A that recently performed some app updates.
When done, about 80% of my applications couldn't be accessed.
In attempt to identify the problem, I downloaded log files and I too saw the
no file found message.
Further up the log file, I saw a reference to KNOX.
KNOX is installed but I never enabled it.

I'm now wondering if KNOX performed update and wiped out the file in the process?
It probably contained vital information and is now causing app crashes?
Got any clues to the problem and how to resolve?



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Sep 8, 2016
Ive just installed this rom and my impressions so far are great, thanks to the creator. Just have a vouple of things ive noticed and if anyone is aware about this please direct me to the right area. When replying to sms messages in the notification panel there seems to be a bug where when you type your message and send it appears as a new notification as though youve received it from yourself.

The other thing is, is anyone aware how to get split screen working? I am not able to do it either through holding the multitasking button nor pressing it. Cannot find it in settings and have tried searching thread about it but nothing!!


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Jun 26, 2012
Anyone know how to delete the GmsCore update, I get blocked?

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    • G950FXXU4DSBA
    • Security Patch Level: February
    • Android 9.0
    • ODEXED
    • Support for G950F/FD/N & G955F/FD/N
    • No-Root or Magisk as root method
    • Turned off KNOX
    • Removed Secure Folder & Samsung Pass
    • Included RMM State ByPass
    • Samsung Stock Patched Kernel


    • CSC Features in AROMA Installer
    • Font Options in AROMA Installer
    • Emoji Options in AROMA Installer
    • Bixby Remap Options in AROMA Installer
    • Bootsplash Options in AROMA Installer
    • Netflix Streaming Fix in AROMA Installer
    • Latest TWRP Recovery Option in AROMA Installer



    • 16.0
      -rebased to DSBA [official PIE] (February Security Patch Base)
      -rebased Stock patched Kernel to DSBA

      -rebased to CSB1 (February Security Patch Base)
      -rebased Stock patched Kernel to CSB1
      -updated Magisk to stable 18.1 official build
      -updated AdAway to 4.2.2
      -Aroma: Chrome debloat only with dirty flash
      -ScreenRecord Toggle added to Quicksettings
      -fixed build.prop tweaks in script



    coming from stock rom:

    1. Backup your current ROM
    2. Backup your Internal Storage if needed
    3. Format Data then Wipe System, Data, Cache, Dalvik-Cache, Internal Storage
    4. Reboot to TWRP again
    5. Flash latest release
    6. OPTIONAL: Flash latest twrp flashable firmware
    7. Reboot and enjoy

    coming from another custom rom:

    1. Backup your current ROM
    2. Wipe system, data, cache, dalvik-cache
    3. Flash latest release
    4. OPTIONAL: Flash latest twrp flashable firmware
    5. Reboot and enjoy

    coming from any of my oreo releases:

    1. Backup your current ROM
    2. Flash latest release
    3. OPTIONAL: Flash latest twrp flashable firmware
    4. Reboot and enjoy


    Please do not take anything without asking us first. We will 99% allow you to use anything, just ask first though.
    You cannot use any of our work which hasn't been released in an official ROM release unless given express permission.
    We are not responsible for anything that happens to your device while using this ROM.
    By using this ROM you agree with the above terms.

    Thanks @mwilky for being such a great developer and the whole Renovate Team for being awesome :)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [EoL][G95XF/FD/N] SoLdieR9312s G95XDSBA ROM || 16.1 | AROMA | Android 9.0 | 21/02, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8

    Source Code: http://opensource.samsung.com/reception.do

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest Bootloader and Modem, TWRP Recovery

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 16.1
    Stable Release Date: 2019-02-21

    Created 2017-11-10
    Last Updated 2019-02-21
    G95XF-FD-N-DSBA_by_SoLdieR9312_16.0 released

    -rebased to DSBA (February Security Patch Base PIE)
    -rebased Stock patched Kernel to DSBA

    This will be my last S8/S8+ ROM, support is END OF LIFE with this Release.

    Old Oreo ROM and Firmware is also linked to afh mirrors, so you can always flash back older build if needed.

    • rebased to CRG1 July Security Patch Base

    • removed debloating - caused google play store -501 install error .. WHAT THE HELL OREO?!
      SORRY GUYS.. but this OREO BETA acts very strange at some points x.x