[EOL][I9300][KERNEL][CM11, CM12.x, CM13]Harfix2 elite kernel (1.1.1)(03.07.16)

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Senior Member
Jun 27, 2014
I've been searching with no avail on to how to manage or activate the boeffla sound engine, I have kernel toolkit pro and it states that sound tweaks are not available for my kernel. If there's a post on it a apologize for my improper searching but if otherwise I'd appreciate some instructions on this.

Best regards.

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    For I9300

    Flash on your own risk!

    Based on cyanogenmod smdk4412 source.

    Hi. My name is Rafał, I'm from Poland.
    I want to present You my harfix kernel for i9300.
    Kernel is in beta state but working great on daily usage.


    - ANYROM and AROMA installers (mostly by @psndna88)
    - UBERTC GCC 7.0 toolchain
    - 300HZ kernel tick (thanks @arter97)
    - CPU OC/OV (100-2100MHz) (more then 1.6GHz is NOT recommended!!!)
    - GPU OC/OV
    - Boeffla-sound engine 1.6.7 (app in download section)
    - governors: intelliactive, SmartassV2, lulzactiveq, adaptive, interactive, Darkness, Yankasusq, GoogyQ, conservative, ondemand, performance, pegasusq (lulzactiveq and ZZmoove is recommended)
    - support F2FS (tested by @Schwester_Gabi)
    - support NTFS (tested on 64GB USB drive by Kubix99)
    - TCP - westwood
    - SElinux - permissive
    - O3 optimalizations
    - TouchWake
    - Increase USB charging rate to 900 from 475mAh
    - 1 second to halt core instead of 4 sec.
    - opitmalizations and tweaks
    - other misc
    More in future!


    You tell me ;)

    - Official CM
    - Temasek
    - crdroid
    - ResurrectionRemix M
    - AICP
    - CyanPop
    - CM by MARKOX89
    - Beanstalk
    - Blisspop

    Not working:
    - Nameless rom


    • boot into TWRP
    • make a backup
    • flash kernel
    • reboot and wait until boot is finish

    F2FS (thanks @Schwester_Gabi)
    • boot into TWRP
    • make a backup
    • wipe dalvik/ART cache
    • format /system with ext4 (if you chose f2fs the rom will automatical format it to ext4)
    • format /data with f2fs (this will erase Your all data!!)
    • format /cache with f2fs
    • flash rom (no reboot)
    • flash gapps (no reboot)
    • flash kernel
    • reboot and wait until boot is finish


    Full changelog

    1.1.1 03.07.16
    - implement Harfix script v0.11
    - remove HBC (will be back)
    - back to -O3
    - revert NVIDIA cpu relaxation (maybe will be back)
    - disable dynamic fsync
    - disable Zcache
    - fix in HW
    - default I/O set to ROW
    - source update

    1.1 27.06.16
    - implement CPU topology
    - add SmartassH3 gov
    - rebuild, update interactive gov (thanks @arter97)
    - Tweak lulzactive gov
    - fixes in ondemand gov
    - remove kexec -hardboot (will be back)
    - enable dynamic fsync
    - enable -Ofast
    - enable CacheClean
    - enable Zcache
    - Lot of work in AROMA
    - boost Random
    - more agressive GPU
    - I/O scheduler default is bfq
    - bring inline with UBER opti
    - fixes for GCC6 (Maybe useless because We use GCC7)
    - fixes for selinux
    - lot of opti and tweaks (mostly by @faux123 and @googy_anas)
    - source update (nothing for i9300)

    1.0 20.06.16
    - fix 100MHz
    - implement kexec -hardboot

    0.8pre1 18.06.16
    - NVIDIA cpu relaxation patch (thanks @MinL)
    - disable gantle fair sleepers
    - disable KSM
    - tweak SmartassV2 gov
    - add BFQ v7r8 I/O scheduler
    - more agressive GPU
    - Fix broken table logic (still can't change 100MHz voltage...)
    - remove all my things from zram (LZ4, snappy, tweaks, opti)
    - some boeffla tweaks for zram
    - fix some bugs
    - remove memory v3 script (may cause slower app opening and global speed) (will be back as v4 in next build)
    - default governor set to PegasusQ
    - source update (readd zram, add zsmalloc, LMK fixes and tweaks)

    0.7 05.06.16
    - start develop RafiQ governor (based on Yankasusq)
    - implement memory v3 script (still WIP) (more smooth and better work on memory)
    - implement GoogyQ governor (ported version of intellidemond)
    - implement more I/O schedulers (fifo, vr)
    - implement CPU-boost
    - implement CPU-boost sys interface
    - readd boeffla-sound (now works!)
    - reduce Wi-Fi wakelock
    - optimize do_csmu
    - fix some leaks
    - fixes in slub
    - enable ARCH_POWER
    - fixes in cpufreq
    - higher led brightness
    - 64-byte L1 cacheline
    - fix deadlock in panic (if any)
    - implement fast random number generator 1.1 (frandom)
    - implement native exFAT support (samsung OSRC 1.2.4)
    - implement LZ4 and snoppy compressions for zram (snappy in disabled)
    - enable lz4 compression for zram
    - implement timer slack controller
    - enable cgroup timer slack
    - fixes in cgroup
    - enable NOSEC opti
    - steal writing sem (performane fix)
    - remove compressed copy from zram in-memory (more free zram to use)
    - replace stock nr_running table with nvidia alternative in pegasusq
    - a lot of modifications for zram (too many and too big to write here detailed changes)(mostly by @Yank555.lu)
    - enable -O3 instead of -Ofast (more stable)
    - disable auto name (again)
    - fix: can't change i/o scheduler
    - fix: can't change governor
    - remove useless internet formats (size reduction)
    - remove "+" in kernel version :D
    - speeds up and optimalizations
    - lot of fixes
    - source update (updated modem_if, fixes and clean up code)

    0.7pre2.1 15.05.16
    Thanks a lot @FAFAŁ who found all there bugs
    - fix reboots
    - add cache refresher at sleep
    - restore governors
    - restore TCP
    - restore NTFS support

    0.7pre2 15.05.16
    Thanks a lot @FAFAŁ who found all there bugs
    - set kernel tick to 300HZ (thanks @arter97)
    - Graphite optimalizations
    - disable optimize for size
    - disable generic spinlock
    - back to gzip
    - disable ntfs
    - disable interactive and conservative govs
    - camera fix
    - remake config file
    - remove almost all tcp
    -------try fix nameless-------
    - enable KSM
    - enable profiling

    0.7pre1.2 14.05.2016 aka "let's fix again"
    - wifi fix
    - add checker at boot
    - remove useless governors (powersave, userspace, adaptive)

    0.7pre1.1 14.05.2016 aka "only fixing"
    - GCC 7
    - update ubertc to 21.04.16 version
    - fix boot.img builder
    - enable thermal
    - disable thermal for exynos
    - disable auto local version (in settings will be only version name, nick of builder and build pc name)
    - disable quickboot (same problems at the moment)
    - set 0.2-1.4 freqs when installing

    0.7pre1 11.05.2016 aka "clean installation"
    In settings will be still 0.6 as name
    - add Harfix Bash Commander
    - more effective GPU (~10%)
    - add quick boot script (speed up boot time)
    - enable touchwake as default
    - make to aroma work faster
    - delete unnecessary scripts and files in installers
    - add material theme to aroma
    - disable and delete all backups in aroma
    - enable 4 device of zram, one with 200MB
    - set swappiness to 80
    - enable dynamic fsync
    - delete thermal in config
    - delete checks on boot to reduce boot time
    - many many work in installers
    - source update (fixes)
    - reduction in size
    - fixes
    - new machine to build
    - CPU freqs
    - visual updates for future settings

    0.6.1 (27.04.16)
    - fix audio
    - fix governors
    - disable compability check @psndna88)

    0.6 (26.04.16)
    - add aroma and anyrom installers (thanks @psndna88)
    - rework SmartassV2 gov
    - add Touchwake
    - LZMA compression
    - speed up screen off
    - zram allow 4 devices
    - fix touck wake incall
    - Activate additional TCP congestion algorithms
    (westwood, bic, cubic, htcp, hstcp, vegas, scalable, lp, veno, yeah, illinois)
    - westwood now default
    - fix .config files
    - disable KSM
    - 160MHz on L2 cache
    - tweaks from i9300i 3.4 kernel
    - small optimalizations

    0.6pre2 (21.04.16)
    - Power_ignore is now as default build-in
    - Boeffla-sound is off as default (audio fix)
    - SElinux is now permissive as default
    - revert optimized CRC (battery drain fix)
    - TCP is now westwood (faster network)(not working)
    - enable 0fast optimalizations
    - small fix for hotplug
    - improve intall script
    - ramdisk back to official CM
    - update ramdisk to 20.04.16
    - source update

    0.6pre1-fix (17.04.16)
    - remove LZ4 compression (will be back in future)

    0.6pre1 (16.04.16)
    Look above
    - add GPU OC/OV (use andromizer pro or something else that support mali gpu)
    - LZ4 compression algorithm
    - Boeffla-sound is enable by default (need SElinux set to permissive, see second post)
    - Max charge levels set to 2600
    - CRC32 optimized algorithm
    - added darkness governor
    - improve intall script
    - Fixed: sometimes not charging at 900 on USB
    - RAMDISK update to 6.5

    0.6pre1-power_ignore have ignore unstable power and ignore margines as default

    0.5 (09.04.16)
    - add ZZmoove governor (very high recommend to use as default)
    - RAMDISK changed from official CM to Temasek (6.0)
    - tweaks MDNIE
    - add Boeffla charge script
    - source update

    0.5pre2 (06.04.16)
    - need less time to wake up screen
    - NTFS support
    - try to fix 100MHz overvolt (really fix will be in next pre)
    - a lot of optimalizations
    - a lot of tweaks
    - global speed improvements
    - small fixes

    0.5pre1 (02.04.16, updated ramdisk on 04.04.16)
    - Add OV CPU
    - fixes logic table (now You can OC on all freq)
    - add support for GCC 6 and 5
    -small optimalization

    0.4.1 (01.04.16)
    - delete OV CPU

    0.4 (31.03.16)
    - add interface for GPU (will be deleted in future and added other interface)
    - wait just 1 second for other CPU to halt
    - add Boeffla-sound engine 1.6.7
    - add OV CPU (buggy)
    - increase USB charging rate to 900mAh

    0.3.1 (30.03.16)
    - small fixes

    0.3 (29.03.16)
    - add OC CPU up to 2.1GHz and UC to 100MHZ

    0.2.1 (28.03.16)
    - trying to fix very slow working (really fixed in 0.3.1)

    0.2 (27.03.16)
    - add intelliactive, lulzactiveq, SmartassV2 and active others governors
    - disable cache synch when phone is in write protected


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    XDA:DevDB Information
    Harfix2, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

    Source Code: https://github.com/wisniew/Harfix2_kernel_I9300

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: 0.8pre1

    Created 2016-04-05
    Last Updated 2016-06-1GPU

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Harfix2 elite kernel, Kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

    Kernel Special Features:

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.1.1

    Created 2016-06-20
    Last Updated 2016-07-30

    Nothing for now


    Somewhere is the future
    - ABB control - Adaptive Body Bias
    - kexec -hardboot

    To do
    - add hotplug gov
    - add lagfree goc
    - add savagedzen gov
    - add intelli_plug
    - add profiles to Boeffla-sound (you can send me Your own)
    - AOSP & Nameless support

    - implement Harfix2 0.1 script (memory, governors for now)
    Harfix Bash Commander by Mieta & Jach00

    This app allow control harfix2 kernel settings.
    App is packed in kernel (0.7pre1 and above) so You don't need to download separately from here.
    With this app You will be able to set all values what harfix kernel allow to set.
    This is still Work In Progress state so if You find some bugs, tell me ;)

    - CPU freqs
    - governor selection
    - full TouchWake control
    - full charge control


    too many to write them here

    Thread reopened. Read my last long post. Change your mind on this forum and lets make great community of i9300!

    Sent from my GT-I9300 using XDA-Developers mobile app
    Lladies and gentlemen!!!
    Tomorrow will be first version of new app. YES, this app will be!
    Now We have only governor selection but for start is very great progress.
    We planing add more and more things for this app.
    This version will be nothing... but We planing add zzmoove profiles selection and CPU scaling (freqs) for new version. :D